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The Effect Of Technology On Children

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Almost every child between the ages of eight and twelve are getting cell phones. The average home in America has as many televisions as they do people. Only 20% of American homes do not have a computer. Technology is quickly becoming a new way of life. The amount of time people are on their devices is growing rapidly. According to The Huffington Post, people are on their devices for on average about eleven hours and fifty-two minutes a day. That is almost half a day and a lot longer than most people sleep or work. People have not realized yet how they or their families are being affected by this constant use of technology. As a result of technology increasing, children are experiencing health problems, school issues, and social problems.
First and foremost, health problems due to the increase in technology usage is becoming a bigger issue than one might think. With technology becoming a bigger factor in everyday life, diseases and other health issues that used to be less prevalent are now becoming epidemics (Rowan). For example, obesity, which is a condition in which a person is very fat or overweight. Obesity is caused by not getting a proper diet and exercise. Technology is causing this to become an epidemic in children, because children need at least sixty minutes of physical exercise a day and when they are watching TV, on the computer, or playing video games, they are not physically active (Loop). Also, when children are less active and on electronics, they are more likely to eat food that is not healthy for them, such as high calorie junk foods (Martin). With obesity can come many other diseases or health problems. For example, people who are obese are more likely to develop heart problems, diabetes, or high blood pressure (Loop). In addition, doctors are also beginning to notice health problems that usually develop in older adults, such as hearing loss, vision problems, and carpal tunnel beginning to show up much at much earlier ages. Doctors also suspect medical issues such as a ADHD, coordination disorder, and unintelligible speech maybe have some link to over use of technology (Rowan).
Doctors are also starting to see how many electronics are effecting children’s development. For instance, many new electronics have applications that have specific uses and directions. These types of applications do not give children an opportunity to explore and show creativity and imagination (Rowan). According to Cris Rowan from The Huffington Post, new technology is placing limitations on children's creativity and imagination. Children need creativity and imagination, and without it, childrens maturity can be effected. Additional limitations can also come in the form of physical developments. Television, computers, cell phones, Ipads, and other devices limit childrens motor movement. These limitations can often cause problems in the future, and cause individuals to rely on a wheelchair or walker to navigate even very short...

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