The Effect Of Television And Movies On Children’s Sexual Behavior

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The Effect of Television and Movies on Children's Sexual Behavior In this society children are viewing much more explicit material than I ever did when I was a child growing up in the mid to late 80's. The reason for this is, part the parents fault for letting their child watch dirty movies, and the other reason is the media and it's message that it sends out. When my mother and father where growing up they never really had to deal with all these issues that are apart of the young people of today. Sex on television and movies was unheard of. If children of today grew up in the 50's, the world would be a much better place for you and me. So much sex, so much violence, who is to blame? The media is a money hungry parasite that will do just about anything to get good ratings or to make a whole lot of money for the company. The media has made sex "cool" for young children who are uneducated about the dangers of intercourse. In just about every magazine who can find an ad that has something to do with sex in one way or another. I was watching the "Sopranos" the other night and the main character "Tony" was having sex with a stripper.This guy has a wife and kids, now if a young person with little or no parental supervision saw this episode, they might think it is ok to do because they don't know any better. My point that I am trying to make is that we need to teach our children what is right and what is wrong, because if we don't then the media will keep on doing it's job. The media will shape our future generations with all of it's negative values, and children will think it is ok, they don't know anything else.Television has come to rule many homes; schedules are set around what show is on tonight. Television shows have been pushing the limits of morals for years. The medium has reached a point where legislators require each program to have a rating that is shown at the beginning of the show. The question is: Do television shows impact sexual behavior. The answer is yes, I believe so, and this is especially true for the behavior of our young impressionable minds. Mass media, especially television and movies, increases the degree of sexual activity, particularly among adolescents. When the discussion revolves around children, the same question is always raised: whose responsibility is it anyway? Is it really the producers or the parents who should be making certain that young people do not see the violent and sexual content? Alan Vann, an elementary school principal in New York believes that "effective parents monitor their own children's activities."6. I think this statement is naive. Parents cannot monitor every single thing each of their children do, say, hear, see. A parent would have to seal their child in a bubble completely shielded from the outside world. In my opinion, parents are responsible for exercising the best judgment and the best controls they can humanly accomplish. In today's world, however they need some help.The natural curiosity...

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