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The Effects Of A Mogul Wound: Chapter One And Two

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Chapter One:Elrond and Gandalf were in Elrond's study discussing the councilthat would be held in a few days."What if the halfling has not arisen by then Gandalf?" Elrondquestioned the old Wizard. "It is imperative that he be there! Maybewe should wait more than two days for the council.""Nay, mellon nîn ," Gandalf replied. "Time is of theessence. He will have awoken by then. As a matter of fact he willawaken soon. Sam's bedside vigil gives him strength."Elrond opened his moth to reply, but was cut off by a knock onthe study door. "Come in," the elfin lord said.Aragorn entered the room with a slight bow. "My lord," he said"I wanted to show this to you and Mithrandir. It is what I presume tobe Frodo's diary. It... it describes the effects of a Morgul woundand the shadow world, as well as the halflings pain from theexperience. I thought it might interest you.""And it does," Gandalf said."Yes greatly. Bring it here Estel," Elrond commanded, he hadstill not taken to calling the man that was like a son to him by histrue name, Aragorn, son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur, and rightfulking of Gondor.Gandalf took the small book into his old, wrinkled hands, andheld it so Elrond could read it as well."It begins with his life in The Shire," Gandalf said. Heflipped forward to find an entry with what they were looking for."Here is the information we are looking for," he had stopped aboutfifty pages into the book. "October 16th 1418 Shire Reckoning..."Chapter Two"The pain in my arm never ends. The whole arm is numb to anytouch but feels cold, and Sam tells me it feels cold to the touch.Strider seems very worried, which in turn worries Merry and Pippin andSam, but Sam appears to be the most worried. There are times when Ican feel the darkness consuming me, where all light seems to fail. Ialways fight it, and it makes me so very weary. More than once I havedesired to give in to the darkness, but I always hold on. I know nowthat this ring, this little band of gold that Bilbo treated like atoy, holds the weight of Middle Earth. I can feel its weight bothphysically as it weighs down...

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