The Effects Of Abortion On Women.

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Courtenay AdkinsPsy1012November 4, 2003Effects of AbortionAfter abortion it has been observed that the women experience five to ten years of denial and this happens because of the trauma she has gone through by her abortion. This keeps on repressing her feelings and she goes a great length to avoid any contact with males. She starts to avoid any situation or event which may have an association with her abortion. She starts to convince others that her act of abortion was the correct one and she made the right choice but at the same time she feels inside that she might have done the greatest mistake of her life. In fact such women keep on regretting their action and fail to reach a true state of satisfaction with regard to their traumatic experience.The aborted women experience the reactions like guilty feeling, anxiety, helplessness, shameful feeling, grief, remorse; urge to cry without control, feeling angry, a lot of bitterness and resentment. They also experience lower self esteem, they start to avoid babies or small children, now they don't want to do any thing with pregnancy in future, they have nightmares or sleeping disorders, have extreme depression, they grow self destructive behavior and they even start to develop the tendencies of suicide.With so many negative experiences the only positive emotions which come to their mind is relief. Naturally most of the aborting women feel tense pressure during the pregnancy and they feel relieved after the intense pressure is gone. But this feeling of relief proves temporary as these women become unable to express their emotions and they are faced with emotional paralysis or post abortion numbness. This is the kind of negative reaction which is experience by most of the aborted women. In fact within 8 weeks after the abortion most of them start to feel guilt, nervous breakdown, regret about their decision etc. In such cases the doctors start to prescribe psychotropic medicines to such patients.The woman who have experienced abortion face the most worrisome reactions and the major one is the increase of self-destructive behavior. Under this behavior woman start to drink alcohol, start to take drugs, attempt to suicide. It is a fact that after the abortion, sooner or later, the truth becomes evident to the woman and she realizes that she has failed to share the other life or other human...

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