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The Effects Of Cheating Essay

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The Internet is one of the most powerful tools in the world giving students the power to obtain information and resources instantly however, with every good thing there is almost always a bad side. The Internet has quickly become one of the most popular ways for students to cheat by taking advantage of others' works and claiming them as their own or simply having someone else do their work for them. When cheating occurs, it creates a lack of creativity, a poor sense of responsibility, and a lost opportunity for learning. These student practices of cheating by stealing and forgery are illegal and unethical. In addition, the students gain little or no knowledge.Students who copy other student's work are only hurting themselves in the long run. Their creativity level drops every time they copy or have someone else do the work. After frequent periods of copying and forging, the student's ability to think abstractly and successfully may become next to nothing. Professors and teachers today must continue to educate students about the importance of maintaining high ethical standards, because the educational system is where students learn these dirty tricks and then carry them into their professional careers. Thus, corners are too easy to cut these days, and, in order for people to keep their minds at one-hundred percent, they need to do their own work. It has simply became too easy today for students to buy another student's work either from online or from a previous class, reword it a little and turn it in as their own. Thus, students are no longer able to write a fictional story by themselves because the computer or someone else can do it for them.Students are also beginning to lose their sense of responsibility when the individual has others do there work. In turn, students do not feel that they have to do anything to pass that class as long as they turn in a paper, whether its their thoughts or not, they will receive credit for the assignment along with a passing grade. Cheating creates a feeling that life will always be handed to them on a silver platter, and this type of thinking will then shift from the educational environment to the work environment. Employers do not want workers who cannot pull their own weight, and that is...

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