The Effects Of Conduction In Heat Saving Devices (Build A Heat Saving Device That Will Allow A Beaker Of Boiling Water To Maintain The Highest Possible Temperature.)

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Heat is the amount of energy generated by the internal motion of the molecules of a substance, while heat transfer is the movement of heat from a warmer object to a cooler one. This theory of heat transfer can be proven by observing the cooling of water in a glass. The hot water tries to transfer heat to the cooler glass. Therefore, the two substances try to reach equilibrium. There are three different types of heat transfer: conduction, convection and radiation. The method of transferring heat between molecules is specific to each type of heat transfer. Conduction is the transfer of heat by direct contact of molecules.Depending on which type of heat transfer is happening, there are very specific ways to suppress the transfer of heat. The problem is, what may be good for one type of transfer is bad for another. In hopes of figuring out the best way to insulate boiling water, we were given an assignment to build a heat saving device. The key is to figure out what combination of insulation will benefit all three transfers while doing the least amount of 'damage'The objective of this experiment is to build a device that optimizes the insulation and minimizes the amount of heat lost from 150mL of water originally at 100 degrees Celsius. The water is boiled in a beaker, then poured into another beaker and sealed into the device for 20 minutes. The device that keeps the water the hottest wins the class competition.The heat transfer I chose to study was conduction. The basic principle of this heat transfer is when two molecules hit against each other, the one traveling faster will give some of its heat energy to the slower moving one, because heat moves from hotter objects to cooler objects. The newly-heated one will in turn bump into another molecule and spread heat. This chain-reaction or domino affect is known as conduction. This idea can be easily illustrated by simply making breakfast. Say you wanted scrambled eggs. Well, crack an egg open and you have nothing close to scrambled eggs. Since you can't eat raw egg, you turn the gas range on and put a frying pan over the open flame, and then put the egg onto the frying pan. The egg isn't coming in contact with the flame, it's only touching the frying pan. The heat from the flame is being transferred to the frying pan through radiation, so the frying pan gets hot. Then, through conduction, the pan touches the eggs, and the eggs are cooked. And all this while you're making breakfast on a Saturday morning.Conduction is the easiest heat transfer to insulate. Basically, there needs to be a good insulator between your hot object and cool object. Insulators that protect against electrical conduction will usually work very well with heat conduction. Materials like this include rubber, glass, plastic or rock. Then there are the materials that don't work well with electrical currents, but do wonders when it comes to heat transfer. These materials could be felt, cotton batting, fiberglass, or any other...

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