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This thing that we call “life” is honestly a mystery. You can wake up one day feeling as if you are completely unstoppable and wake up the next feeling like all the shit that you had worked so hard far was abruptly taken from you. How do we handle the curveballs that life throws us? How is it that we are able to stand back on our feet time after time again? Truth is it all depends on your drive and self-motivation to recover. Some people are able to get up repeatedly after being knocked down over and over again and feel as if nothing has happen and learn from the situation to make them stronger. Then there are other people that are able to get up but need a lot of help and support. While on the other hand we have the left overs that can’t, that are traumatized, that feel as if there is no hope. So they turn around to what some call the unthinkable. Drugs! From booze to pills, to needles, to substances, herbs and etc. play an important factor in some people’s life. Without drugs they feel as if they are incomplete, they fell as if they don’t have a purpose. In other words obsolete!
I come from a strong wonderful family. We are not rich but at the same time we can overcome certain struggles easily that most families. I guess the word that I am looking for is comfortable, we live comfortably. Whenever someone wants or needs something, we try our best to provide. I’m not going to lie it does suck not being able to get what you want but I was raised that life is not always fair and you do not always get what you want so you have to make the best of what you have. So the anger that I had towards not getting what I wanted never stayed within me because I knew that I had other things to be grateful for and that some people wished they were in my shoes.
Unfortunately for my cousins who I adore with all my heart had life a little bit more roughly than I did. My mother being the middle child of three sisters was the only one who was able remained married with a stable job and had a nice home. Her younger sister Carty and older sister Gerda both suffered from a broken heart at home taking care of their kids while their husbands were out cheating and getting other woman pregnant. Fortunately for Carty she was able to not let her husband’s actions affect her or her children’s lives....

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