The Effects Of Motivation On Performance

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The Effects of Motivation on Performance


Task 2- Write a Report on the effects of Motivation on Performance

Research people’s attitude to work and factors affecting their motivation by constructing a questionnaire and conducting a small survey. You should aim to distribute your questionnaire to at least 5 people within your organisation.

Gather information on what motivates individual performance and identify attitudes to work by interviewing an employee in-depth and comparing their attitudes with your own.

Relate you findings to motivation theories and provide a description of the motivators appropriate for different types of individual performance.

Andrew and Robertson: An Introduction to the Business

Andrew and Robertson have started put life as property mangers in 1887. Managing properties on behalf of owners. Southwark Council also contracted out housing management for a trial period in the 90’s in which Andrew and Robertson’s partly participated.

In the 1960’s Andrew and Robertson expanded into auctioneering. The object of this section of the business aims to sell houses at auctions 4 times a year. However 1980 prior they only had two actions a year. The business aims to make a profit for the four senor partners. The business has no obvious intentions to float on the stock market.

The partnership has currently invested in a new phone system and computer network for one of its three branches. This according to an associate partner is the partnership attempting to modernise the old fashion approach to the business currently used by managers.

Andrew and Robertson’s serve the clients who own the properties, which they manage. The management also serve their auctioneering arm that sells properties for the clients of the property-managing arm who wish to sell their properties.

Motivational Procedures
Andrew and Robertson’s have no written procedures however there are a number of unwritten procedures, which are used. These procedures include:

Staff/Management association (This is not like by a small minority of staff ¼)
Close quarters arrangements (Putting desks in close proximity for communication means)
Appraisal Meetings (Token)

Staff Management association
This is the system in which higher level management work along side their employers. In the hope that the bond between the lower level workers and management will form, thus allowing the effectiveness and experience to watched and carried on to staff that are not as skilled. This method also serves to lower the amount of effort put into motivational practices.

Close quarters arrangements
This method thought not intended is highly effective in motivating staff. When I worked at Andrew and Robertson’s I noticed that the environment was extremely helpful. People were always in a helpful mood and the method of forcing employees into helping each other via the forming of friendship and mutuality.

Appraisal Meetings...

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