The Effects Of Peer Feedback On Vietnamese Secondary Students’ Writing Competence And Students’ Attitudes

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Research question 2: What are secondary students’ attitudes towards peer feedback?
a. The majority of students find providing peer response difficult due to in care of fellows’ feeling as well as lack of confidence in knowledge and assessment.
In the post interview, when being asked if students found providing peer comments difficult or not, 70% students admitted that they felt awkward to assess their friends’ writing texts even when they had scoring rubric, another 30% told that they felt a little bit hard but interested in experiencing teacher’s role. Those 70% students said that they tried to follow the criteria in the scoring rubric, but they still wondered and concerned whether their comments were qualified, supportive and useful for their friends’ revisions. As the result, they usually tried to imitate teacher’s comments because to student in general “teacher has skills and is qualified, teacher also knows the exact problems of students’ writing” (Quan, personal communication, Dec 2013). In addition, these participants were still afraid of hurting their friends. Even though students were fully aware of that giving critiques helped build up their friends’ writing ability, they did not want to add more writing anxiety into their friends (Quynh Anh, personal communication, Dec 2013). This was also stated in Hosack’s study with Japanese university students (2005).
On the other hand, 30% students who felt interested in providing peer feedback reasoned that peer feedback gave them a completely new way of studying writing. With this approach, students were the center of learning and teaching process (Mangelsdorf, 1992), and they “participated in the learning” (Uyen, personal communication, Dec 2013). Moreover, they were already “bored with sitting still and only listening to the teacher” (Tu, personal communication Dec 2013).
b. Students had more faith on teacher’ comments even though they did not reject peer response.
Students’ drafts with peer comments and teacher’s comments, and their revisions were collected to see teacher or peer feedback was used by the students to edit their writing. The number of peer response and teacher response included in students’ revisions was indicated in table 4. As seen in this table, of 19 students, fifteen included > 50% teacher response and ≤ 50% peer response, one included > 50% both teacher response and peer response, and two included ≤ 50% both teacher and peer response, but none included ≤ 50% teacher response and > 50% peer response. These statistics told the fact that students incorporated peer reviews in their revisions, but more importantly their preference for teacher feedback became evident. This finding was in the same vein with Tsui & Ng (2000), Saito (1994) and Zhang (1995) (cited in Tang & Tithecott, 1999), Nelson & Murphy (1993) and Carson & Nelson (1998) (cited in Kitchakarn, 2012).
Teacher response
Peer response > 50% ≤ 50%
> 50% 1 0
≤ 50% 15 2
Table 4: The number of peer response and...


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