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The Return Essay

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The Return

The Animal In The Cage

Hell, what a place to be. A place with the sweet sound of hundreds of thousands of people screaming in agony, as my children torture their helpless souls. This is my home. This is my paradise. And I'm locked up in a cage with my douche bag older brother who's been a pain in my ass for far too long. Well he was a pain in my ass. Two and a half years I've been fighting it out with Michael, and the other 6 months I've been trying to crawl out of here. Now, after three years of waiting, I'm out.

The alarm goes off, 7:30 in the morning. Nick wakes up with a sudden shock, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead. He got up and walked over to the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face. "Get it together, Nick." he whispered to himself. He still has dreams of when he was Lucifer's meat suit, but it was never this bad. It was never this real. But he knew it was bad, because he wasn't just dreaming of Lucifer, he was Lucifer. A splitting headache was running through him, as if someone had split his skull open and was poking his brain. Nick scrambled through the medicine cabinet, searching for some Aspirin and took two and chugged down some water after it.

"Nick? Is everything alright?" asked Alex, who was still in bed, right next to where Nick was. He was breathing heavily, "I'm fine," he replied, hoping that she wouldn't ask anything else, "just a bad dream and a headache." he added.
"I'm gonna go make some breakfast, you want me to make you anything?" asked Alex.
"No its alright, I'm not hungry" Nick responded.
The truth was Nick was starving but couldn't be bothered to eat because he knew if he went down to the kitchen there'll be more questions about what was going on.

Half an hour later after getting dressed up, Nick headed down the stairs to see Hayley watching the trailer for the Last Exorcism. He sat down next to his girlfriend's daughter, "What a load of crap, they don't make movies scary like they used to" Nick complained.
"What do you know about demons and exorcisms." Hayley retorted
"Plenty! First of all demons don't possess a house, they can move around freely. Secondly all you need is some salt and Iron and maybe a devil's trap and you should be fine." Nick explained
Hayley looked at him as if he had gone insane, "Where did you learn all that?" she asked.
Nick hesitated to answer, thinking about what he just said, "I was a horror fan back in the day."
"I thought you hated horror?" questioned Alex
"Well I do now, look at this," Nick said pointing to the TV, "this is a pile of trash thats trying too hard to be scary!" he added.

After Alex...

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