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The Return Of The Two Princes Of Calabar

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Slavery was not a new concept to African, as it was practiced prior to the slave trade. In African, slavery had a totally different outlook from that of slavery in the Caribbean and the Americas. The reasons of enslavement varied in Africa. Some persons sold themselves into slavery, while others were captured during wars or children whom their parents were unable to provide for. Another way Africans became slaves were if individuals were unable to pay fines that were imposed upon them (Sparks, 37). The Slave traders in African and the English slavers had a business relationship that was governed by the Parliament in London. Although, the trade was governed by the Parliament, both slaver traders and English slavers conducted trade in a way that was feasible for them (Spark, 18, 31). When the rivalry between Old Town and New Town arose, the English slavers did what was necessary for the business to go on as usual (Sparks, 18-19). The English slavers ambushed the slave traders of Old Town, capturing and enslaving Ephraim and Ancona (Spark, 21). These two African traders, Ephraim and Ancona, when returned back to Africa continued with life as usual, as slave traders. Although, exposed to a life contrary to what they were used to slave trading was their culture, the most profitable business during that time and a definite way of revenge.
Persons that were enslaved, in African, were able to return to the life as a slave trader once they were released from slavery. With this being the way of life for Africans in their culture, no matter what hardship was experienced that characterized slavery in the Caribbean and the Americas one could have returned to a life as a trader. Slavery in the Americans and the Caribbean called for hard labour and inhumane treatment, experiences of hardship would have encouraged any and every one to do what was necessary to avoid being captured and sold in slavery which resulted in the exportation outside Africa, the New World. Unlike the New World where the slaves’ owners were called masters in Africa the slave owns are called ‘mother’ or ‘father’ (Sparks, 38). Mother and/or father symbolized a caretaker, whereas masters on the other hand expressed ownership, the slaves were chattels. They were considered to be properties of their masters. Although the treatment were governed by an act, the masters did not adhere to those rules as the slaves was their property and had to do whatever was asked of them by choice or by force. When slavery in Africa is compared to slavery in the New World, there are great differences. In Africa, harsh treatment was experienced by those that were enslaved because of crimes or war (Sparks, 39). Slavery was an industry that Africa thrived upon that played a significant role in the African culture, and the traded items played a vital part in the trade itself.
Apart from slavery being embedded in the cultural of Africaa, it was also the most profitable form of business. ...

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