The Return Of Women's Leggings As A Replacement For Blue Jeans

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I'm sure everyone has seen them. The pants so tight they appear to be painted on. But then they realize, they're not actually pants, merely relatively thick tights masquerading as pants. Suddenly they're thinking, surely these women forgot to put on the bottom half of their outfits. Notwithstanding, this abomination was completely intentional. Women are now wearing leggings in the stead of pants, which is one fashion trend that our community, and the world at large, could do without. Although undoubtedly comfortable, and completely acceptable when worn under dresses, skirts, long shirts, and shorts, leggings are not the most flattering article of clothing when worn in lieu of pants. When worn incorrectly, leggings draw attention to the negative aspects of the wearers body. People can see every jiggle of the thighs and butt, every dimple of cellulite, and every crevice of a person's anatomy. Generally speaking, most females would not want to promulgate these details of their bodies, but todays young women apparently thrive on displaying them for the world to see.
Leggings started making their comeback to the fashion scene in 2004. Initially worn under dresses, leggings gradually worked their way from being the accent to an outfit, to the focal point. It would be one thing if the only people who wore leggings as pants were six foot models without an ounce of fat on their bodies. However, women of all shapes and sizes appear to have deemed this fashion trend acceptable. Now, I am all for loving one's body, but just because someone loves their body, does not mean everyone else should be able to see their entire body, via their skin tight pseudo-pants. People who are pro-leggings as pants might argue about the comfortability factor, and the use of leggings as pants whilst working out. Having worn leggings in my lifetime I can atest to the comfortableness of them. I did however, wear them underneath a skirt, therefore rendering them
acceptable in society. I also think it is acceptable for them to be worn during rigorous physical activity. When working out, running, or cycling, it is necessary for the person working out to have maximum mobility. The majority of females I see wearing leggings as pants, however, are not currently engaged in any physical activity, barring walking.
I recently asked several of my friends their stances on the leggings as pants issue, which produced varying results. My good friend, Rory Sullivan, taking the pro side, said, “Women just look good in tight clothing. Whether it's a tank top or leggings, it's just attractive.” Sara Arnold, a female who is pro-leggings as pants says, “I don't get why people don't like leggings as pants. It's super comfortable and they make your butt look good! Also, wouldn't you rather see leggings on a girl than a really low cut shirt that let's everything hang out?” On the opposite side of the spectrum, are my friends Scottie Cheek and Samm Ravens. Scottie, one of the select few men that...

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