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The Revenge Of Stalin Essay

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The question is, do you corrupt society or does society corrupt you? In the conception of William Golding society corrupts you. What Stalin really did was put fear and agony into every Russian. He even made his wife commit suicide because she did not like the way he disliked and treated the peasants and the less fortunate Russians.
The great purge is considered one of the “worst gendercides of the twentieth century”, (John, Adam ".org Genercide." Stalin's Purges. Jones Adam, 2002. Web. 13 Mar 2011.). The great purge spanned from 1937-1938, it targeted all levels of society including children. The children were used as pawns so their parents would confess to trumped up charges of treason and disloyalty because they knew their children's lives were at risk. Stalin also made a secret police whom he commissioned Nicolai Yezhov as head of the NKVD. He arrested all the people that terrorized Stalin. There were show trials for the people that Yezhov entrapped.
In 1937, sixteen people, including one under the name of Karl Radek were put on litigation. They were “accused of working with Leon Trotsky in an attempt to overthrow the Soviet government with the objective of restoring capitalism,” (Walker, Andy. "Educational Spartacus." The Great Purge. Andy Walker, 1997. Web. 13 Mar 2011. ). Thirteen were found guilty and they got the sentence of death. Karl Radek and another man got only ten years. There was also litigation in 1938 against about 21 people. All of them were found guilty and sentenced to death or later died in a labor camp so we have been told. We really do not know when it happened or how many died. Now all Stalin had to do is to start litigation against the so called Red Army and place them on trial. “Some historians believe that Stalin was telling the truth when he claimed that he had evidence that the army was planning a military coup at this time” (Walker, Andy. "Educational Spartacus." The Great Purge. Andy Walker, 1997. Web. 13 Mar 2011). There was also a man named Leopold Trepper who knew that the German army planted a spy that was told to work with the Nazis and Stalin. All eight of them were executed. “This included fifty per cent of all army officers” ("Educational Spartacus." The Great Purge. Andy Walker, 1997. Web. 13 Mar 2011). The last and final thing Stalin wanted to do was eliminate the NKVD, the public and secret police organization Russia. “Stalin wanted to make sure that those who knew too much about the purges would also be killed,” ("Educational Spartacus." The Great Purge. Andy Walker, 1997. Web. 13 Mar 2011). Stalin delegate Lavrenta Beria to take care of all the executions.
Stalin also killed people that contradicted the Bolshevik party and who contradicted his leadership and trust. But Stalin eventually went against the Bolsheviks. He killed over eight hundred and fifty thousand Bolsheviks, almost thirty six percent of them. This started the beginning of the killing of massive amounts of Russian citizens....

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