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The Reverse Supply Chain: Question And Answers

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1. Is reverse supply chain management is efficient way to work efficiently.
-Yes -No


Is reverse supply chain management is efficient way to work efficiently
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent
Valid Yes 27 75.0 77.1 77.1
No 8 22.2 22.9 100.0
Total 35 97.2 100.0
Missing System 1 2.8
Total 36 100.0

Interpretation: maximum people think that reverse supply chain management is efficient way of working.

2. Is your company is working towards supply chain management.
-Yes -No

Descriptive Statistics
N Minimum Maximum Mean Std. Deviation
Is your company is working towards supply chain management. 35 1 2 1.26 .443
Valid N (listwise) 35

Interpretation: it’s a mix of answer some people says yes they good leaders in field of reverse supply chain.

3. According to you, most common issues because of which we need reverse supply chain.
-End of life cycle -Warranty -Service issue -Remanufacturing

Interpretation: as organization work on profit so remanufacturing is the main cause of reverse supply chain.

4. Major problem which company faces in reverse supply chain management of passenger car.
-Cost -Effort -System lack -Awareness -networ
Major problem which company faces in reverse supply chain management of passenger car. -Cost -Effort -System lack -Awareness -network
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent
Valid cost 16 45.7 45.7 45.7
effort 4 11.4 11.4 57.1
system 2 5.7 5.7 62.9
awarness 3 8.6 8.6 71.4
networ 10 28.6 28.6 100.0
Total 35 100.0 100.0

Interpretation: cost is the major reason which company faces in reverse supply.

5. Role of customer in reverse supply chain management.
-Less -Medium -High -No

Interpretation: role of customer in reverse supply is medium which says the company responsibility is more.

6. Reverse supply chain management of passenger car importance because.
-Profit -Social responsibilities -Eco friendly

Interpretation: profit is the main concern of reverse supply.
7. Most important part of reverse supply chain.
-Network node -Customer -Company -Government

Most important part of reverse supply chain.
Frequency Percent Valid Percent Cumulative Percent
Valid network node 12 34.3 34.3 34.3
Customer 19 54.3 54.3 88.6
Company 3 8.6 8.6 97.1
government 1 2.9 2.9 100.0
Total 35 100.0 100.0

Interpretation: important role is customer and different nodes involved in it.
8. Reverse supply chain management best suited for industry.
-Automobile -Construction -Service

Interpretation: automobile is the main industry where reverse supply chain is useful.
9. Are you satisfied with approach of your company towards it.
-Yes -No

Interpretation: many say yes they are satisfied with the approach of company.


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