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The Revolutionary Atkins Diet Always Check My Paper For Misspellings And Grammar But I Believe This One Is Clean.

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The revolutionary Atkins diet could be the miracle diet which everyone is searching to find. A diet that not only makes them drop weight fast but will also allow them to eat tasty and satisfying meals. The Atkins diet may just be this miracle diet. Although many people are questioning it since so many professionals seem to think of it as harmful. Some people cannot understand how it works. In order to truly grasp an understanding of the Atkins diet one must know the history of its ridicule, understand its process, learn about the research done on the subject, and know its phases.For 30 years the Atkins diet has been an object of scrutiny in the medical community. Could it be possible that this low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet could be the fastest and healthiest way to lose weight? Normally, overweight patients were advised by doctors to lower their caloric intake and cut back on fats. Groups of experts like the American Dietetic Association and the American Heart Association have cautioned against trying the Atkins diet. As a matter of fact, a model proposed by a committee of experts of the Institute of medicine pulls 45 to 65 percent of its calories from carbohydrates (Agnew, 2003). Three decades of dietary theory have been put into question and some of the most prominent names in obesity research are asking the questions. Until recently, the medical world has had the unanimous opinion that any diet that encourages the consumption of meat, eggs, and cheese, and frowns upon bread, rice, and fruit is ridiculous (Hane, 2003)."The idea that one can lose weight and improve cardiac risk factors by eating as much steak, butter, cream, bacon and eggs as one wants runs counter to many of the principles of nutrition that we have been taught. However, such a diet is not without risk. An earlier study suggested that long term carbohydrate restriction might increase the risk of osteoporosis. Furthermore, although it does improve certain cardiac risk factors, a low carbohydrate diet limits the intake of a wide range of phytochemicals--chemicals that may help prevent heart disease, cancer and other disorders."(Gaby, 2003, p. 46)The American Medical Association regarded the diet as being potentially dangerous and thought that the ideas expressed in it were naïve and biochemically incorrect (Hane, 2003), but numerous studies in medical journals say that the Atkins diet, which is basically eat all the fat you desire but cut back severely on carbohydrates, seemingly worked just as well as other diet programs. Some data even suggested that it might be better (Agnew, 2004). Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Duke, University of Colorado, Stanford, and other institutions have given acknowledgment to the controlled carbohydrate diet as a subject that needed further study because of its positive results (Atkins, 2003). The Atkins diet still causes fear in many professionals since it asks people to consume things loaded with saturated fat and disregard...

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