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The Revolutionary War Essay

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Welcome to Allyson's, Julian, and Stephanie's Revolutionary War website! During this presentation we will teach you about the events and taxation leading to the revolution, the struggles and triumphs during the war, and much more. Hopefully we will help you understand the feelings of people contributing to the outcome of this amazing historic event and really appreciate what people went through to bring you your freedom today. We hope you enjoy!
The French Indian War was a big contributor to the tension between the colonists and Britain. During the war England and France battled for domination over the colonies. British came out on top but being in war for multiple years was costly ...view middle of the document...

The actions between the two sides would soon become more then a few conflicts, these events would lead to one of the biggest wars in American history.
When the colonists finally heard of the stamp acts they became overly upset. They thought that Britain had no right to tax them because no one represented them in Parliament. They believed, "No taxation without representation!" In 1767, Charles Townshed,a British leader, wanted to establish a new set of laws with a purpose to manage the colonies. The law stated for the colonists to pay tax on various items imported from Britain such as paper ,wool, glass, paint, and lead. The reason for this was to save up and collect money for Britain. Although, Residents did not have to pay Britain with these taxes. Colonists boycotted against this on most of the items. This had more attention than the stamp act. British Taxation angered the colonists. People such as Mercy Otis Warren encouraged the colonists to boycott many goods imported from Great Britain like tea ( which people began making from North American plants), so they didn't have to pay the tariff. Warren once announced,” We will quit the useless vanities of life.” A group of women called The Daughters of Liberty in Newport, Rhode Island arranged “spinning bees” where ladies gathered together and spent the day spinning their own yarn to avoid buying British yarn. Since British merchants were losing money due to the boycotts the Townshend acts were repealed in 1770 except for the tax on tea. On March 5,1770 there was a quarrel between a group of workers and a soldier from Britain in Boston, Massachusetts. The workers were throwing snowballs and shouted insults at the soldier. More soldiers came to back up the one while the crowd started to grow larger and larger. Suddenly, a few soldiers fired their guns into the crowd. Five of the angry colonists were killed. Crispus Attucks, a sailor who had escaped slavery in years prior, was one of the colonists killed in the shooting. A massacre is the killing of many people. Therefore, the event was named the Boston Massacre. The shocking event put the soldiers on trial for murder. They were defended by John Adams. Although, Adams did not agree with British taxation on the colonists he believed that the soldiers should have a fair trial. None were found guilty of murder, but two were convicted of a minor crime.Then came more Protests, like the Boston Tea Party. The Boston Tea Party was basically about a protest by dumping tea into a lake because Boston had lifted many taxes- except tea- this made the colonists very mad and then, they dressed as Indians, and dumped tea into the harbor to represent how they didn't want tea from Britain if they were going to be taxed for it. The men who did this were called the Sons of Liberty. They were most likely patriots because they were fighting for what they wanted and what they thought Britain was doing was not fair. And they wanted their own rights. After...

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