The Rhetorical Analysis Of Writing In The Accounting Profession

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Running head: WRITING IN ACCOUNTING 1WRITING IN ACCOUNTINGTHE RHETORICAL ANALYSIS OF WRITING IN THE ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAbstractThe techniques and writing styles used within the accounting profession. The accounting field requires a lot of data gathering and responding to that data in the form of formal responses in APA formatting. The paper is constructed into five paragraphs: introduction, formatting in writing, logos in writing, ethos in writing, and concluding statements. The introduction talks about the accounting profession in general and transitions the reader into the first topic, formatting in writing. Each of the ensuing paragraphs executes the same techniques, in terms of transitioning into the following topics. The goal is to intertwine discussions on the similarities of writing styles within a number of sources that relate to the accounting profession. The way this is accomplished throughout the paper is by discussing the type of formatting and various types of rhetorical moves used in each source.IntroductionThe accounting field has long since been known as a dry, boring, number-crunching career. It is a very common stereotype that the only people who practice accounting exemplify the "mundane" characteristics previously mentioned. Perhaps some stereotypes are accurate because the majority of the work that I have seen through my interviews, articles, and personal experiences, has been rather boring. The stereotype about accountants being extremely good with numbers and math has proven to not be true at all. Dr. Reed emphasized the fact that if you can do simple addition then you can be an accountant (Dr. Tracy Reed, personal communication, April 4, 2014). Mr. Black told me that as an accountant you are required to take data from clientele's financial statements and form that data into a well written response that can be understood by everybody from stockholders, to CEOs (Ken Black, personal communication, April 5, 2014). The previous insight, coming from two highly regarded accountants, proves that writing is a major part of accounting and that proper writing skills in the profession must be considered one of the top priorities. With that being said, the capability of using correct formatting as well as logos and ethos in writings, could form a successful career for an aspiring accountant.FormattingThe main component of writing in accounting is the style of APA that is used throughout nearly all writing in the profession. The style of writing exerts emphasis on clear and concise writing which are the fundamental building blocks of being a successful accountant. The only exceptions to the APA style of writing are e-mails; in which, the e-mails still maintain formal voices and concise wording. Within the journal, Accounting Historians Journal, APA is prevalent throughout the entire journal. The two articles that were chosen for this analysis, "The Roaring Nineties: Accounting History Comes of Age" (Fleischman & Radcliffe, 2005)...

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