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The rich get richer, within a secret society where only trust is accepted. An eighty billion dollar arms deal between BAE (British Aerospace), Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia who represented the Saudi Air force and the U.K, stir controversy because of “Black money” or secret payments. The question is, when too much political power reigns how can they be prosecuted; it seems that the Saudi government was allowed to be corrupt because of their political power and ties to terrorism. The UK allowed and paid for services because they were able to create more jobs and selfishly gain political power. We state that corruption is allowed because of the grand scheme of world politicians to create alliances which give them ultimate power, where normal rules of integrity and character don’t pertain to them.
“Corruption is why we win” a quote taken from an actor in the film syrianna, acknowledges the fact that Americans believe that the laws against corruption is what allows them to cheat. Corporate Americas view on Bribery was that international business couldn’t be completed without it. But the rise of strict laws and acts now enforced by the department of justice, ensured foul play wouldn’t occur. The U.S department of Justice tried tiredly to account for the wrong doings of the arms deal between the UK and Saudi but was somewhat shut out because of the lack of justice brought about in these countries homeland. The UK serious fraud office terminated their investigation against BAE, in 2006 much to the dismay of the country people who set up sites like which goes into detail about the judicial review to terminate the corruption charges against BAE.
Prince Bandar the charismatic, well connected politician was close to the American and U.K governments; In 1985 Bandar was put in charge of getting new fighter jets for the Saudis. He formed a secret alliance between Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan to work on the Arms deal. It was said by Thatcher that the deal would create jobs and Income for the greater UK. . The Saudis payed for the Arms in exchange for oil creating exempt and unaccounted money. The secrecy behind this deal also known as “The Dove”, fueled people to consider corruption was in play.
BAE also known as the British Aerospace served as the bridge between the government to government corruption gap, BAE was the front for all the Individual leisure payments from shopping to courtship. A former SEC Enforcement lawyer Richard Grime stated that Bribery was often written off as a tax exemption for business. Prince Bandar was able to hide behind the BAE and accepted millions of dollars in travel expense on their behalf. Bandar was said to be on top of the world and lived a lifestyle society could only dream of. Was this pleasure fair, No, but Bandar was able to get away with it because he was protected by government officials who were scared to tarnish relations with the Prince because of bigger...

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