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“The Right Stuff” Might Be The Wrong Stuff After All

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“The Right Stuff”- Might Be the Wrong Stuff After All

David Suzuki’s essay “The Right Stuff” provides an interesting look at the need for sex education in high schools. Suzuki’s main assertion is the sex education needs to be taught in high school because it is not properly covered anywhere else and students will because interested in science class should sex education be taught first. Suzuki argues that impressions formed in high school are ones that last longer than at any other time in life. In addition Suzuki points out that teachers should start their science classes with human sexuality, which will act as a stepping-stone into other science, related topics. Unfortunately Suzuki fails to provide strong arguments to support his thesis. Suzuki enlightens his audience with his own personal narration however it does not allow for his main points to be argued to the best extent. Also he commits a logical fallacy, which in turn takes away from trying to prove the thesis. All in all Suzuki could use some vast improvements on this particular essay.
The majority of this essay was based on Suzuki’s personal narration. Although it may be possible to convey a message properly using narration it is not effective when trying to attest a thesis such as this. Suzuki focuses too much on what happened in one small town up north and he forgets that not everyone is the same. In addition he should consider that the students may have been “dead silent and attentive” because of the fact that Suzuki is the first famous person that they have met. Most people tend to be a little bit reserved when meeting someone famous however after a while of talking everyone usually eases up. This would explain why the students engaged in a long discussion with him towards the end. Moreover, Suzuki notes that he was...

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