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The Right To Life Includes The Right To Choose How Your Life Ends

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In this paper, I will be arguing for the position that active euthanasia should be legal in the United States. A patient’s suffering should not be prolonged, doctors should be able to ease their suffering and help their patient to the fullest extent. I believe this issue is important for discussion because the suffering individual has rights and the right to live should give them the right to choose to end that suffering.
I think that some of the best arguments for my position are best addressed in three main points. The first point being that active euthanasia and passive euthanasia are essentially the same as both are the ending of a patient’s prolonged suffering (handout, euthanasia). I believe that death is death no matter how you dress it up. People with terminal illness and facing months of pain and loss of self should be able to choose to not go through those things before their life ends.
For my second point, active euthanasia is a quick act of mercy whereas a passive euthanasia death takes place over a longer period of time and can cause even more suffering (handout, euthanasia). If we are willing to put our pets out of their misery when all they have left is pain and suffering then why not let our loved ones end theirs? So many patients with an inevitable death are suffering and looking at months of pain and possible embarrassment over the loss of the bodily functions. They must live life each day dreading what will come next and wondering how they will
And my last point is I also believe that active euthanasia is more beneficial than harmful; individuals suffering from a terminal illness will be not only eased of their pain but also of their worry; escalating medical bills are a given with any terminal illness (handout, euthanasia). The cost of their medication, doctors and expensive treatments only continues to climb the longer the person is treated for a disease in which death is certain. There will be closure for all involved at a time of their choosing and all without changing what is already inevitable, just accepting what is (handout, euthanasia). I do not think there is any reason why a person cannot have complete closure with their loved ones before choosing to undergo active euthanasia. Often when loved ones are nearing the end they do not allow their friends and family to be around and see them in such a bad way so the goodbyes are said in advance of death in either case.
However, there are those who disagree with my position and challenge it by raising arguments of their own. Some of their best arguments are; there's no way of properly regulating euthanasia (BBC, against). They believe it cannot be given safe enough parameters and that it will be abused; which leads to their next point that voluntary euthanasia is a slippery slope that in their minds will lead to involuntary euthanasia and the killing of people who are thought to be undesirable (BBC, against). Their thoughts are disabled people or perhaps dementia...

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