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The Right To Marry: Civil Unions And Same Sex Couples

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The right to marry is something most people take for granted. The US Supreme court has even weighed in on this topic in their ruling for the 1974 case of Cleveland Board of Education v. LaFleur. They stated that the “freedom of personal choice in the matter of marriage and family life is one of the liberties protected by Due Process Clause (Gay). There is even nothing in the constitution that denies marriage to any group. So why will the government not recognize civil unions? Many people, including myself have family members and friends who are same-sex couples that would like to honor their relationship with one of the most sacred traditions, marriage (Gay). I believe that the government should recognize civil unions, because everyone deserves the right to marry and be with who they want. If the government where to recognize same-sex marriage, it would benefit each state, as well as, the economy in general. Marriage would also grant same-sex couples the same medical, financial and social benefits that heterosexual couples have enjoyed for hundreds of years.
Everyone deserves the right to marry and be with who they want. One of the arguments people use against same sex marriage is that it would negatively impact heterosexual marriage. It’s hard to comprehend how same-sex couples getting married would affect heterosexual marriage. Already today in the US the divorce rate for opposite sex couples is 50 % (Kellard). There is no constitutional basis for denying same-sex couples the right to get married. In fact the 14th amendment to the constitution supports that same sex couples should be allowed to marry (Kellard).
Same sex-couples deserve to have the same benefits such as medical benefits, tax benefits and legal rights as heterosexual couples. Imagine if your husband or wife were to end up in the hospital and not being allowed in to see him or her. How would you feel? Same sex couples experience this every day. Legal benefits in case of a divorce or death are taken for granted by heterosexual couples. Same sex couples do not have these rights. These rights are not denied due to race or religion so they should not be denied due to sexual orientation either.
If the government where to...

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