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The Right To Same Sex Marriage

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Gay Rights
Gay people are criticized in many ways by many people depending on where there live and where they come from. “But same sex marriage is a reality; it’s here to stay and it will eventually become the law of the land”, said Sue Hyde (Hyde). We have come a long way since the first state legalized same-sex marriage; however; we still have a long ways to go (SV; conj. adv. SV). The Gay Rights Movement has been growing a lot lately, but that doesn’t mean gay couples have equal rights.
The Gay Rights Movement has been a big focus since the 1990s (The American Gay Rights Movement). There are big parades and festivals, in cities where gay marriage is legal, all year round. One of the more resent ones was the 24th annual Sarasota Pride Festival in J.D. Hamel Park. About 5000 people joined in celebrating Sarasota Country’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community. “We’re their doctors, their dentists and their neighbors,” Barnes said. “It would be lovely if we didn’t have to have pride. But until things change is this country we’ll be there” (Webb). Another resent was the Santa Fe Pride Parade organized by the 20 year-old Human Rights Alliance of Santa Fe. All kinds of people lined the streets, from various faiths, many cultures and sexual orientations (Matlock).
There is a lot in the media about gays. Many famous people, including lady Gaga, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ellen DeGeneres are very open about their sexual orientation. Jason Collin a NBA basketball players for the came out last year and announced he was gay. Today we see more TV show with gay characters such as the Fosters and Glee. We hear more music talking about gays. Some times it’s hateful towards them, but in Macklemore’s “Same Love” he puts a different perspective on it.
Then it comes to the group called the anti-gays. They are a right-wing organization with a movement to stop gay marriage from being legal anywhere. They are mostly religiously based but do have some other members as well (Hyde).
Gay marriage is currently legal in 17 states, but none where legal until 2000 when Vermont became the first to recognize civil unions between gays and lesbians. It states “couples would be entitled to the same benefits, privileges, and responsibilities as spouses” (The American Gay Rights Movement: A Timeline). The first big event in gay rights history was in 1996. President Bill Clinton signed DOMA, but felt no state has to recognized same-sex marriages that are done in another state (Hyde). DOMA stands for Defense of Marriage Act, it states that couple is same-sex marriages are entitled to the same federal rights and benefits as heterosexual couples. Of course there are some exceptions and curves to that (Anthony).
There is an infamous 1913 anti-miscegenation law on gays. This law keeps them from fleeing then state they were married in and living somewhere else where gay marriage is not legal (Hyde). After Massachusetts passed a gay marriage law in 2004 this became a...

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