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The Right To Say I Do

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From the beginning of time, the human race has created a family circle to continue to exist. While there are many points of view, as to why people oppose gay marriage, it all comes down to the fact they think homosexuality is morally wrong. This report will cover the laws dealing with gay marriage, the religious views, and the debate concerning children. In addition, this report will give an explanation into how a classical theory would resolve the issues surrounding the subject of gay marriage.
Dating back to its Puritan founders, the United States has an extensive history of sexual ideology. They put into place a narrow outline of ethical and sexual behaviors and principles. This outline prescribed the proper manner in which children were to function within the family, as well as proper responsibilities and conduct for heterosexual couples, strictly inside the confines of the wedded union (Herdt, 2009).
Many people feel they are receptive to new ideas however, they believe marriage is purely a heterosexual tradition. Gay married couples in New York and other states are excluded from a number of federal entitlements that other married couples receive and undervalue due to the 1996 federal law called the Defense of Marriage Act. Employers are able to offer health care benefits to the partner of gay employees, however the federal government deems the expense of the benefits as taxable earnings just for gay couples (Zremski, 2011).
If a gay man or woman gets married to a migrant of the same sex, there is no assurance that the immigrant partner will be able to reside in the U.S. lawfully. If the partner of a gay married couple passes away, the remaining spouse cannot collect Social Security survivor benefits and may perhaps have to shell out a large estate tax in which traditional married couples are free from (Zremski, 2011).
Gay couples have been seeking officially permitted marriages since the early 1970’s and not a word was uttered until legislative items were put on government agendas. According to the website (, 2011), the first legally documented same-sex union was in Denmark in 1989 and the first legal gay marriage was not until 2001, in the Netherlands. In view of that fact, several countries have approved laws prohibiting the recognition of foreign gay marriages.
The funds of the religious right overshadow the funds of the lesbian and gay movement due to many organizations having working budgets estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. With radio, television, film, and print media outlets and vast groups of member churches, they can simply release political communications or ask for the support of the people who go to those churches. In addition, the religious right has an influential group of very wealthy and politically formidable contributors who have executive sway inside the Republican Party (Fetner, 2008).
When President Clinton started to exercise his executive freedom to repeal the...

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