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The Perfect Workday Essay

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I arrived at my office today at 10:00am, armed with a Starbucks cappuccino, a Fiji water bottle, and my laptop. I am greeted with a sweet smell of vanilla initiating from a glade plug-in. I look out the window and see massive buildings, hundreds of tiny cars whoosh in all directions, and I see people that are dashing among the busy sidewalks of New York. Above it all is a perfect clear and sunny sky that just happened to brighten my mood just by looking at it. . I sip on my cappuccino while thinking about today‘s appointments. I think of the patients I am going to see today and what procedures will be done to help them progress with their conflicts. I start wishful thinking and imagine if I were to help any of them make a breakthrough today and how happy I would be to feel the sense of accomplishment knowing that I helped someone completely overcome an issue. I was suddenly determined to take my career to a new level of accomplishment. I notice that I finished my cappuccino and have been sipping on air for the past five minutes. I laugh at myself and toss the empty cup in the trash. Then I fall back into my thoughts and thoroughly think over how I am going to help one of my patients that has experienced a difficult tragedy in their life and cannot stop dwelling on that incident. They have been my patient for quite some time and regardless of what advice and treatment I apply to them, they seem to just stay stuck feeling remorse for themselves. Her name is Ava and the main conflict that is keeping her from making a breakthrough is that she does not understand why such a horrible situation would occur in her life. She cannot correlate a reason as to why this occurrence would happen to her of all people. I went about my day and treated my regular patients and was assured that they were more contented when they left their appointments. It was time for my lunch break. I decided to stay in today and order delivery. As I enjoyed my meal, I was listening to old songs I used to adore back when I was a teenager. I was singing along to the tunes as I was cherishing the old memories that these songs bring back. I started to think about Ava, who was my next patient. For some reason, I felt somewhat attached to her situation and was extremely determined to assist her to overcome it. Oddly, I had a good feeling about my next appointment with her. My break was soon over and it was...

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