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The Rights Of Homosexuals Essay

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According to On-Line Medical Dictionary, heterosexuality is "sexual orientation to persons of the opposite sex, or a person who is sexually attracted to a person of the opposite sex". All heterosexual have the human rights - civil rights, the rights to get marriage and adopt children. All their actions, characteristics in society are recognized.Difference from heterosexuality, homosexuality is "having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex", given in American Heritage Dictionary. It is one of the controversial topics in over the world. Many people (heterosexuals) still feel conflict with the appearance of homosexuals. In their mine, homosexuals do not belong to the natural gender. When they discuss homosexual people, they think that homosexual people want to have special rights, rights that heterosexuals do not have, but this idea is completely wrong. Homosexuals just want to have the same rights as heterosexuals, nothing more, and nothing less.However, society beliefs and personal outlooks still do not give homosexuals the chance to have the same right as heterosexual. Homosexuals have faced discrimination in several social, religious and legal institutions. Homosexuality is regarded as a violation of religious and cultural norms in much of the world. Most religious texts state that homosexuality is a violation of "natural law", "God created male and female as complementary natures which, when united in marriage, constitute a unit that is more balanced and greater than the sum of its parts" (Boss 365). Other comment, homosexuality has never been a part of God's design for people and he never created a person never created a person as a homosexual. When he created the very first family, he gave Adam a woman to meet the need for companionship and sexual fulfillment (Genesis 2:18-25). This has always been God's design and it is obvious in the natural and complimentary function of the male and female sex organs and the male and female temperaments.Let me first define marriage before continuing to discuss some comments of homosexual marriage. According to the American Heritage Dictionary marriage is defined as "The legal union of a man and a woman husband and wife." It does not say "The legal union of man and man as husband and husband"; nor does it say "The legal union of woman and woman as wife and wife." Marriage has a clear definition a definition that has been around since civilization began. Why are homosexuals trying to redefine the meaning of something so sacred and natural like marriage when there are many other opinions that offer the same benefits? For example: Some of the arguments aimed at showing homosexual get marriage is immoral or should at least not be morally permissible. One of the most popular arguments against homosexuals' marriage is that it is immoral and is not allowed by God. This argument is focused on in what philosophers call divine comment theory, which is the view that morality is defined by God's comments. The...

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