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The Rise And Fall Of Muslim Empires

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In Islamic history, various events have occurred in different time periods that have led to the rise and fall of Muslim empires. Muslim kingdoms flourished in a cultural, social, religious, political, and intellectual aspect in their time periods, due to Thanks in large part to religious and political conflict between Muslims, whether they be Sunni or Shia,

Identify the major periods and empires in Islamic History. You must use at least two academic (non-digital) sources. For each of these periods or empires, you must identify the dates, major locations, major leaders, and major events. You must identify at least 7 periods and/or empires.

The Umayyad Empire came to rise in Damascus under ...view middle of the document...

This time of conflict from 656-661 is referred to as the First Fitna, and is so significant, that it is considered to be like the end of a Golden Age in the history of Islam (Hawting 24). The Fitna gave rise to the Umayyad Caliphate and stressed the division of the major Muslim sects of Sunni and Shi’ism. After Ali’s assassination in 661, Muawiya persuaded Ali’s supporters to accept him as Ali’s successor, as opposed to Ali’s son, Hasan, and established himself the first caliph of the Ummayad Empire.

The Abbasid Empire overthrew the Umayyad Empire, except for in the al-Andalus region, in 750 A.D, and was created by Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib, one of Prophet Muhammad’s uncles. Since 718, members of the Quraysh tribe from the Banu Hashim clan worked towards gaining control of the empire. After a revolt in 747, Marwan II, the last Umayyad caliph, was defeated and Abū al-ʿAbbas assumed caliphate. The Abbasid Empire really seized power after the Battle of the Zab, when they defeated the Umayyad Empire with the help of Shia, Abbasid, and Persian soldiers, and relocated the capital from Damascus to Baghdad in 762. The Abbasid Empire flourished with great success for two whole centuries, until it finally declined in 1258.

In 909, the Fatimid Empire was established in North Africa by Fatimids, the direct descendants of Prophet Muhammad through Fatima, his daughter. In 969, the Shia Ismaili Fatimids conquered Egypt and made Cairo the capital, resulting in Egypt to become a culturally, religiously, and politically diverse center. Aside from being a political group that followed the path of Ali, the Fatimids were also strongly grounded in the practice of Ismailism. Muslims had been divided politically between those who believed Ali’s progeny should maintain political power, and those who elected Abu Bakr as the caliph of the Muslim community after Prophet Muhammad’s death. Muslims who considered Ali as Prophet Muhammad’s rightful successor became known as Shia Muslims, and those who believed in Abu Bakr, which today is a large majority of Muslims, became known as Sunnis. However, there is another split in in the sect of Shi’ism. There is a Shia group known as “Ismailis” that accept Ismail Ibn Jafar as the seventh Imam, while a majority of Shias believe in Musa ibn Jafar. Ismailis also believe in Imams, who they claim are divine beings that are hereditary leaders from Mowla Ali’s family. A majority of the affluent and authoritative figures in the era of the Fatimid Empire were Ismaili. This split in the Shia sect led Ismailis to develop new and unconventional ideas, such as that of the Imam, that contrasted from the status quo of a “typical” Muslim empire. During this time period, many missionaries traveled to different areas to spread Ismailism and support for the Fatimid rulers and beliefs. One famous convert is Persian poet and philosopher Nasir-i-Khusraw. In 1094 A.D, the Isma’ili Fatimid Caliph, al-Mustansir passed away, and his youngest son,...

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