The Rise In Popularity Of Alternative Medicine Over Mainstream Medicine

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The Rise in Popularity of Alternative Medicine over Mainstream Medicine

There is a growing phenomenon in the world which is very diverse and
yet can be grouped collectively under a single name: alternative
medicine. What this term basically represents is any health care that
is not part of the mainstream medical establishment and it includes
all such therapies form chiropractic to aromatherapy. Those that
consume these medicines believe that being herbal they are not as
invasive on the body as mainstream medicines are or cause as many
drastic side effects and therefore the alternative medicines are
becoming very popular.

There is no specific day or year when alternative medicine was born,
different alternative techniques have arrived at very different times.
In addition, there is no "father" of alternative medicine who is
solely responsible for its growth. In fact, the recent upsurge in
popularity of alternative medicine has been a gradual process aided by
the establishment of health maintenance organizations which favour
cost-effective alternative therapy programs over costly surgical and
chronic illness procedures.

Acupuncture, for example, is an ancient technique which originated in
China as long ago as 2689 B.C. it is the stimulation of special points
on the body usually with fine needles. Yoga is also among the oldest
known systems of health practiced in the world today. It was first
systematically set down in writing by Patanjali in the second century,
B.C. Conversely, biofeedback and enzyme therapy are two alternative
techniques which have gained prominence primarily in the twentieth
century. Chiropractic medicine, naturopathic medicine, and osteopathic
medicine all originated in the United States.

There are many benefits to alternative medicine. Acupuncture has been
proven effective on curing nausea and acute and chronic pain.
Osteopathy and chiropractic therapies diagnose and treat abnormalities
of structure and function of bones, muscles and connective tissues.
Herbal and botanical medicines have been known to treat diseases such
as cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes and such like.
There are other reasons why these alternative medicines are chosen
over mainstream medicines. When buying many mainstream medicines, a
prescription from a doctor is needed and therefore one will have to
visit a doctor to get it, this will cause an extra expense for the
person. Whereas if they wanted an alterative type medicine they can go
to any pharmacy and get it without the hassle of a prescription.
Certain alternative medicines when taken daily can...

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