The Rise Of Architecture Essay

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The rise of architecture
Over the past few years, countless architects have been famous because of their awe inspiring works.
Most of their works inspires architects to improve their creations aesthetically. Thus creating new and
more modern styles. High rise buildings, homes and structures are built, they are aesthetically enticing to
the eyes and pleasing to the clients and clientele. Architects today prove that things are possible with the

aid of a great mind, logic and creativity because everything is limitless in the minds of those who thinks
endlessly about the future and about improving.

With the new selection of materials, architects today provide new plans ...view middle of the document...

Architects spend days revising and changing plans for satisfaction of our clients.
The cons of architecture is having work revised over and over again. The amount of money release For the payment for the sketches, the plans asides the labour and the down payments released excluding The payment for the materials and for the workers
Early Architecture
Neolithic Architecture
Neolithic architecture plays between 3000-1800 BC. It is also known as the “stone age” period.
Most of the creation at around this era is both mysterious and awe inspiring. This era is where the
mysterious “Stonehenge” was built. The Stonehenge is a structure where large slabs of rocks were
formed, creating circles. This structure leaves people and professional clueless, At Neolithic era, The
only tool available was formed using rocks. There are no advance technology such as cranes and trucks
used to lift rocks. The People living in this era makes use of natural formation as their foundation in their
Ancient Egypt architecture
Egypt shows an advance engineering and architectural capabilities. The characteristics of the early
Egyptian era starts with the invention of ramps, and the lever to aid Construction. The wheel they
invented was when Egypt was invaded by the foreign Romans, by just looking at the chariot
driven. They were also the first to use gold and ores to use in construction since they were the first to
extract it in mines. Most of the structures in Egypt consist of high, elevated structures, The most
popular example was the great pyramid of Giza which still stands today in Egypt.
Most of the structures, such as the pyramids ,the sphinx, the karnak and such are made with lime
Stones that weighs tons were lift using a complicated pulley operated by slaves.
Greek architecture
Greek architecture was influenced mostly by religion. As noticed on the early temples, it is decorated
with ornaments of statues and carvings. It is a way of worshipping their gods and goddesses. Every
buildings made depicts a story, or represents someone from their mythology.

There are three orders of architecture in Greece ; the Doric, Ionic and the Corinthian. The Doric
order can be seen in Parthenon, the temple of Athena Parthenos ("Virgin"). The Ionic order which can
be seen at Erechtheum, which contains contained sanctuaries to Athena Polias, Poseidon, and
Erechtheus, The Temple of Apollo at Didyma and the Temple of Athena Nike. And lastly, the Corinthian
order which most ornate of the classic orders of architecture. It was also the latest, not arriving at full
development until the middle of the 4th century B.C. The oldest known example, however, is found in
the temple of Apollo at Bassae.
Roman architecture
Roman architecture continued the legacy left by the earlier architects of the Greek world. Classical
architects continued the usual...

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