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The Rise Of Asian Women In The Context Of Globalization

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Globalization is double-sided. On the one hand, globalization is causing changes so fast in so many fields that many challenges and opportunities are presented to us. On the other hand, instead of spreading wealth around, globalization and its current macro-economic policies have brought Asian countries a strong negative impact, such as the financial crisis and unemployment. The Asian woman is the most direct victim. Before many people overcome their "future shock" aroused by globalization, some Asian women have already risen to the positive and negative challenges of globalization, and they have become role models for a new generation in the context of globalization.
Globalization is characterized by the worldwide development of technology and economy to make the whole world into a global village. This knowledge-based context underscores the importance of education. The Asian woman has realized it and striven for the same right to receive education. At school, female students work on the same subjects in the same class as male students do. They, together with men, learn advanced mathematics, physics, economy, politics, and sociology. As smart as men, the Asian woman has demonstrated the same capability in learning. Because it is really uneasy to get the precious opportunity of receiving education like men, the women work very hard. They get scholarships and win prizes in various academic contests that reward intelligence and diligence.
In addition, because of globalization, the world is becoming smaller and smaller, which makes overseas education easier than ever before. So some Asian women not only break away from their traditional household duties, but also tend to leave their own country and set foot on foreign soil. They begin to seek overseas education. With education, domestic and overseas alike, the Asian woman has become broad-minded and better equipped. They are able to go with the tide of globalization and cope with the rapidly changing world successfully.
Through education, the Asian woman has mastered skills that are necessary in modern society. For example, the Asian woman learns communication skills in class. And when they step into society, they have opportunities to communicate with various people, other than their family members, thereby improving their communication skills. Therefore, women prove competent in the management of departments, such as, human relations, PR and marketing.
However, among these skills is the computer skills, especially the familiarity with Internet. Globalization cannot stand alone without Internet. The networking is going on internationally in all fields, ranging from economy to politics, and from science to art. To survive in the context of globalization, it is a prerequisite for the Asian woman to achieve a good command of Internet knowledge. Computer is a compulsory course where women learn to surf on line, receive and send e-mails, and even carry out e-commerce. By Internet, they keep...

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