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The Rise Of Digital Music Essay

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The rise of digital music

In 1997, the world music industry belonged to the Big-Four (including four record labels: Sony-BMG, Warner, EMI and Universal) achieved 45 billion dollar in revenue, a figure unprecedented in history. However, since the two software sharing P2P (peer-to-peer network) Kazaa and Napster launched in 1999 and 2004, the label has started witnessing their heyday down slope. Since 2000, global music sales have dropped to levels 25-30 billion per year. With this rate of decline, by 2009, global music sales are only from 21-23 billion.
Digital music in 2007's era is unlike from digital music in 2000, not only download music from Napster and listen to on a personal computer. Music of the 2007 is through the format of music to bring everywhere. The expansion of iPod generations and online digital music stores such as Apple has reached 2 billion in revenue in 2006. In 2007, this number was 3 billion. Total songs downloaded from the internet reached 5 million with more than 500 digital music stores worldwide. From this success, the social network has moved gradually into the music business model based on online advertising.
However, that strong growth tended to slow over time. In the circumstances, CD sales were strongly declining. That is why in 2007 it was the survival time for the Big Four: tried to convert most business models from CD to digital music to save them before it was too late. In reality, those big record labels have significant changes such as digital publication for all the music, diversification in music formats and distribution channels, bypassing DRM, and implementation of the business model in that digital music does not charge listeners.
The downfall of DRM wall
DRM (Digital Rights Management) is considered as a useful tool (besides law) for the record labels to deal with the situation of piracy of content over the Internet. However, technologies such as Microsoft’s Janus, Apple’s Fair Play are impossible to hold back the progress of piracy. Presented in an article thinking of digital music, Steve Jobs - Apple chairman - has given an example to demonstrate, that is the case of Apple: this company has sold nearly 100 million iPods and 2 billion songs from iTunes. That is only about 22 songs in DRM-protected in an iPod with space can contain over 1000 songs. This is contradicted to the fact that every year, the record labels released hundreds of millions of music CDs and most of them can be freely copied. Because of this ineffectiveness and conflict, they had led to the downfall of DRM wall.

Even there were solutions to create an open DRM system, they were not considered feasible. Many open-source DRM system developed in recent time is going to nowhere.

So the best solution is to remove DRM from digital music permanently. People who listen to...

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