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We live in a digital era today. We have come to the point when our lives would be unimaginable without the internet. We are relying on it so much these days that our dependence sometimes borders addiction. However, the internet is slowly merging itself into our lives. It has come to affect every aspect of modern living. Therefore, of all the things the internet is influencing today, what impact does it have on modern literature? Moreover, did the internet kill literature?
With the internet, a feeling of availability prevails. And to a certain extent, it is true – some fifteen years ago, it would have been impossible to write a book today and publish it tomorrow. Or to wish to read a ...view middle of the document...

Attacking aristocratic literary conventions, he explored new forms of fiction and tried to broaden its appeal to the general public.” Therefore, Twain is considered to be a first literary celebrity of his age.

“While the dramatist wrote for the stage, the essayist for the editor and the poet for a small literary elite, the novelist wrote for his publisher.” Today, there are few restrictions as to whom, or what an author can write. In addition, immense rise of internet sales and distribution channels, begun by, dramatically changed the way print books are sold to consumers. However, it all started with the writers themselves. Being a traditional author is very hard. Furthermore, writing a book is an exhausting process in itself; finishing a book might feel like a catharsis. However, real struggles begin only then, finding an agent and an editor, who would polish a book to perfection, then sending the manuscript to various publishing agencies in hopes of being picked up. Months, even years might pass before a merciful literary agent finds the book worthwhile. With the rise of the internet, writers saw another way of sending their work into the world. And that is how artists are born. “They are self-made. They perform for people. They learn and improve as they do both.”
In the history of the publishing industry, year of 1776 is highly significant. Thomas Paine anonymously printed Common Sense. The self-published book sold 100,000 copies within three months and became the best-selling work of the 18th century. With the advent of digital technology, however, self-publishing has been made incredibly easy. Year of 2010 marks another turning point, because for the first time in history, sales of e-books have outnumbered those of printed books. For the period of April through June 2010, Amazon sold an average of 143 e-books for every 100 hardbacks. “Since that point in bookselling history, the...

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