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The Rise Of Homelessness And What Can Be Done

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“Homelessness is a symptom of systemic poverty” ( ). As one of our country's major social problems, homelessness is often in the news ( ). Many seek shelters for the first time. The Homeless Coalition of Greater Kansas City reports that on any given night as many as 3,000 adults are homeless and more than 7,500 children are homeless on these Kansas City streets. Since 2011 more than 7% people who live in the state of Kansas City has become homeless. We are not actually sure why this rate has risen over the last 2 years. Maybe because of a bad economy and loses of jobs. The most common people who are counted as being homeless are: Victims of Domestic Violence, after deciding to leave an abusive relationship they often have nowhere to go for those who have few resources. Lack of money needed to afford housing and long waiting lists for assisted housing means that women and/or women and their families are forced to choose between abuse at home and life on the streets. In 2010, 344 victims of domestic violence were counted as sheltered and 12 were not as a total of 437 (See Table A1). In 2009, 108 were sheltered and 13 were not. (See Table A2). Chronically Homeless (See Table B1), Mentally Ill (See Table B2) and Substance abuse victims (See Table B3) are groups of people who are commonly homeless. Also, persons with HIV/AIDS (See Table C1), these people often get depressed and suicidal decreasing their likelihood to maintain to medications, which is needed to treat HIV/AIDS. The cost of health care and medications for people living with HIV/AIDS are often too high for people to keep up with. They are also at risk of losing their jobs due to discrimination or health-related absences. Another one is veterans (See Table D1), also affected by the economic crisis that happened a few years ago. Also, many dealing with PTSD issues, many are unwilling to step forward because of the stigma surrounding metal illness. So many turn to alcohol/drugs as an escape from the memories that haunt them. Some families give up on them. Not being able to hold their job results in losing their job and other possessions. Some people think that majority of people who are homeless are homeless because they are lazy and don’t want to work but just want to use the government for assistance. This has not been proven yet so is therefore an opinion. Many churches, shelters, and missions have tried to decline the rate by providing the less fortunate with a roof over their heads/head, providing 145,000 nights of shelter every year for individuals and/or their families. Food to eat, serving 241,000 meals annually. Giving daily meals to emergency shelters, residents of their long-term recovery programs and hungry members of the community. Also, clothes and shoes to wear donated to them by generous people from the Kansas City area trying to help the homeless. They also will help many find work who have the experience, qualifications or...

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