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The Rise Of Modern Chinese Women

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Sexual equality a concept that most of us we are longing for in the society nowadays. However, it is nothing more than a dream in the past Chinese lineage-dominated society. It is a society that famous for men are superior to women. According to Prof. Ma, men and women are treated differently in Chinese lineage-dominated society. For example, in family, workplace and politics aspect, men had absolute power and right on decision making whereas women are not entitled to or nearly forbidden to involve in the above aspect. Women even were considered as outsiders when the married as if they were only the machine of reproduction and housework. This indicated that female in Chinese ...view middle of the document...

Female nowadays can go anywhere freely as male do and it gains public agreement that is the basic human right. No outsiders anymore as the core family is prevalent. Everyone in the family is of paramount importance. Both female and male share the workload in the family such as doing housework and make decision about the family such as moving in the new apartment or decide the proper school for the offspring. And it is unquestionably that women can also be the financial supports of the family.

Along with the family aspect we can experience the rise of women status in china compared to the typical Chinese lineage-dominated society, on the workplace, education and the ownership of property too. In the past, only male can have the opportunity of receive education .According to Kinney 2014, lineage dominated family only preserve the resources to school the sons. They stated that women need not to equip with knowledge. Thus women in the past were not considered as labor power as they did not have skills to work in the society. This showed that women are trivialized as a simplistic identity. On top of that, Women in the Chinese lineage-dominated society were completely financial dependent in the family. Nonetheless, they did not have any shareholding. We can conclude that they did not have any means of income. The financial emasculation crippling the movement of women in the past. It is fortunate that is not the case in today`s society. First of all, both boys and girls are entitled to be well educated under the protection of law. Fair competition is carried out. What is more, both gender have equal opportunity to work now. With reference to wiki 2014, the quantity of women involve in work in the society is at the top around the globe. And women have right to own properties such as money, stocks or houses, etc. This indicate that, the gender inequality is vanquished I the above aspects.

Some sound in the society stated that in today`s Chinese society, there was still absent of gender equality. With reference to Litke nd, under one child policy, some new born female infants were abandoned or took risk of receiving penalty to give birth to another child which drew the public attention. This implies that...

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