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Born around 1165 and first known as Temujin, our universal ruler experienced many hardships in his time, he was the son of Yesugei, a minor chief. When Temujin turned 10 years old, Yesugei was poisoned by the evil scheming Tatars and died. Thinking Temujin was too young to be their chief, his tribe left him to die. How foolish they were…
Three years later, Temujin started to form alliances. He became famous for his extremely strict discipline for the superiority of his army compared to other tribes. The other tribes began to feel threatened by this young man and some tried to kill him in an attempt to stop his growth. One tribe kidnapped him and placed a large wooden collar on his neck and tied his hands in chains, with his ingenuity and intelligence, he escaped.
An idugan once told him that he had survived all his misfortunes because he was destined for greatness. Another told him that one day he would rule the world. This spurred our majesty to success. He would ...view middle of the document...

From there, he united the Jin and our tribe, the Kerait. Temujin’s forces overpowered the Tatars even when they were outnumbered. He killed and captured thousands in revenge for his father’s death. Every male taller than his wagon axle was killed.
The Rise of Temujin
On a lovely summer’s day, Temujin set out against his anda, who had grown envious of him. Again, although his troops were outnumbered, his superior organization and battle tactics won him and his army success.
The Expansion of the Empire
It didn’t take long for us to give him a new title : Genghis Khan. Oceanic and Universal King. Genghis was know ruling over one million of us. However, he was not satisfied, he wanted to prove the idugan right. He wanted to rule the world.
With great determination, he set out to conquer the Tangut and in 1210, he was victorious. Then, Genghis Khan went on to Northern China! His troops were outnumbered 2 to 1. Against the Jin, we had an advantage in our diet, which included a lot of meat, milk and yogurt. We could miss a day or two of eating and fare much better than the Jin soldiers, who ate cheap grains. After a tedious 6 years of battle, he was once again victorious. The great king could never be beaten! Since then, we have had a steady flow of premium goods from China.

Second Article:
Genghis Khan, our leader who forged an empire stretching from the east coast of China to the west of the Aral Sea, died in camp during a campaign against the Chinese kingdom of the Xia. The great Khan, who was over 60 years old and in declining health, succumbed to injuries he suffered during a fall from his beloved horse a year before. He died peacefully in 1227 August the 18th. The whole Mongolia mourned the majestic king for weeks. Never before has the nation mourned someone for so long, he was truly an honourable khan, a leader that shall forever be immortal.
To this day, 50 years after his death, the tomb of Genghis Khan is still a mystery. No one knows where it is. All the soldiers that helped to bury him were killed. However, an old idugan told Ogodei :
“In order to make the sacred journey to the Great Khan possible, a baby camel was killed and buried at the grave in front of her mother so the mother could lead his descendants to the tomb when needed.”

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