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The Rise Of The Professional Competitive Video Gaming

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vImagine that more than twenty years ago people didn’t even know about professional competitive gaming. They would never think that in the future eSport (electronic sport), would be growing up extremely fast. “Last year, tournaments awarded more than $15 million around the world, up from just over a $1 million a decade ago” (Holden 87) according to the statistics from the Just think about it, the first place team can be guaranteed to get at least $1 million dollars, and this is the amazing amount of money for just playing the game. Now imagine that there several tournaments like that per year. Every competitive game has its own different tournaments. What if I told you that professional gaming organizations have a several teams and every player in the team is getting paid with a salary? People are getting paid only for just playing a game several hours per day. It’s not a secret that there already exist several professional gamers who already have become millionaires. The electronic sport is not an entertainment anymore; it has already became a professional environment that can give a career path for the people. It means that playing games is not a bad idea anymore. It shows that eSport has a future. The gamers not just nerds anymore because they are making more money than some employees can suggest to you. People of different ages are getting attracted by games and now they can make a profit from it. The competitive gaming has a lot of opportunities for players. It can suggest a career to the people now and not just a wasting of time for them. The eSport is raising an incredibly fast and the rise of the professional competitive gaming illustrates an approachable career path for gamers.
There are a lot of different games that has their own professional gaming discipline. The most popular are Starcraft 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, FIFA, DotA 2 and etc. There are thousands of professional players that are playing these games, but not all of them have an equal environment and opportunities. Some teams can suggest more things to the players than other teams. Starting from better salaries and ending up with separate living apartments for the teams. This is really particular for Asian teams. The Chinese and South Korea team organizations officially have better facilities and conditions to the players. In Asia competitive gaming is as popular as soccer, so almost every organizations has its own base for the players, where they can live, practice, study and entertain. In Europe only top 10 organizations can compete with Asian organizations. In North America there are only two strong organizations. The Asian teams are always treating as better teams because of their conditions that they offer to the players. All the professional players agree that Chinese players have better skills then other players in the world. For example, in StarCraft 2, the top 10 players consist of 7 Chinese players; in DotA 2, the 6...

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