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The Rise To The Top: Why The United States Is In Complacency

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The role of the West has changed drastically over the centuries. Our world dominance is now in the balance and we must all deicide if we should participate in fight or flight. “America faces many challenges…but the enemy I fear most is complacency. We are about to be hit by the full force of global competition...We must now establish a sense of urgency.” There are two culprits that can be attributed to the United States complacent attitude and slow decline, China and India. These two countries are surpassing us in economic success, global competitiveness and education.
Firstly, the U.S. is considerably confused when it comes to real gross domestic product, which has been shown in our gross domestic product numbers for quarter 3 of 2013. “The American economy grew 2.8% at an annualized pace in Q3, accelerating from Q2's 2.5% pace of growth and coming in well ahead of consensus estimates for 2.0%.” This is where I must agree with the educator above when he says, “We must now establish a sense of urgency.”1 Yes, we see the numbers and the word accelerating immediately pops out. Everyone’s sense of urgency immediately deflates just a little bit because the numbers give him or her a warm feeling of reassurance. As a fellow American, I can understand seeing those numbers and thinking we’re just fine, America will find a way back. This thinking of being satisfied with how things are and not trying to make them better is how we have fallen behind. At the very bottom of the article it becomes apparent why so many see these numbers and get a false sense of hope, only to find out the truth later down the road. "This G.D.P. report should be more preliminary than usual due to the government shutdown, and the attendant delays in data releases,"2 Not only must I be upset with the excitement over false numbers, China and India continue to blow the West out of the water.
Accordingly, as shown in the BBC video, “China doesn’t buy much overseas but produces vast quantities of goods for sale. They dominate the export world.” This creates a huge trade imbalance and has become a very relevant topic among economists. Almost everything you pick up from the store, ranging from an American Flag to cosmetics, has three famous words on it; Made In China. This has propelled China to the top when it comes to economic success and puts into perspective America’s skewed G.D.P. numbers. Even with China facing difficult structural reform they have worked to be successful. “Gross domestic product grew 7.8% over the previous year during the third quarter.” Now some may make excuses saying their government restricts more freedoms and demands harder work, but I would tend to disagree. Even India reported strong Q3 numbers and they operate solely on Democracy. “The provisional estimates of National Income for 2012-13 also revised the third quarter GDP number to 4.7 per cent” I do believe that Democracy is wonderful but the BBC video does bring up a great point. ...

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