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The Rising Increase Of The College Drop Out Rate

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The Rising Increase of the College Drop Out Rate
Less than two-thirds of those who start college in America finish. The almost fifty percent that don’t finish college drop out for various reasons such as financial issues, family issues, maturity, lack of self-motivation and distractions. Some even feel as though college is scam, making us rack up debt to try and get a well-paying job just to pay off their accumulated debt.
The top reason leading to most drop outs is financial issues. Most people in America can’t afford to pay for college on their own and need the help of grants or aids. The government makes it very difficult to obtain financial aid with such strict criteria that has to be ...view middle of the document...

Another reason that leads to drop outs is lack of self-motivation and distractions. Most students stay on campus their first year and then no longer have the nagging of their parents to complete their assignments. They lose that extra motivation or push to get their school work completed with their parents no longer being present.
The professors aren’t down the throats of their students either. The professors are not telling students to do their work and pushing them; they’re getting paid regardless, fail or pass. If the student fail that benefits them, they then are getting paid again to teach the student the same material over again. Having a decline in outside motivation mixing with the student’s own personal lack of motivation really takes a plummet on the student school-wise.
Also a lot of students get caught up in the partying which poses as a huge distraction to students. There are constantly parties on big universities which draws the attention of the student off schooling. They lose their own desire and push to do their school work and allow themselves to get distracted by what’s going on around them.
Some students even get caught up in drugs, especially the ever so popular drug marijuana. Marijuana which leaves most people feeling fatigue and lazy has a huge impact on the student’s performance. All of this can take the student away from their schooling and doing their work which would result in them doing badly in classes leaving them feeling hopeless in classes causing them to drop out.
All of this mixing in with some people honestly just do not have the maturity level for college. They get overwhelmed by the responsibilities that college imposes. They aren’t able to steer clear of distractions. They can’t handle all of the work and can’t take on everything they’re given. They don’t know how to manage their time efficiently and lack the mental...

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