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The Risk And Benefits Of Marijuana

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Many people ask questions like, is smoking marijuana more of a risk or benefit to your health? And is it really as safe as you think? The truth is that marijuana can benefit or damage your health. This information will explain many health risks and benefits of marijuana.
Marijuana is easy to get and the most popular mostly illegal drug than any other illegal street drug. National surveys have said 48 percent of Americans have tired it. Also, 6.5 percent of high school students have admitted that they use it daily. Out of the 48 percent of Americans and many other people there has been no evidence of anyone who has died of overdosing on marijuana. On the other hand, alcohol has ...view middle of the document...

In men, marijuana lowers our sperm count. Marijuana really harms people’s 5 senses from the first time they try it. Marijuana makes learning an extremely difficult thing to do. A lost in coordination is just one of many perks when it comes to marijuana. That fact makes people put in a category higher the alcohol on the scale, which is more dangerous? Marijuana smoke contains more cancer-causing substance than tobacco smoke. Reports have surfaced that explains that one marijuana cigarette can cause as much damage to use lungs as smoking five regular cigarettes back to back. According to preliminary research, marijuana may trigger more than average strokes in young adults. The chance of having good outcome of fertility treatment is reduced if either the men or the women have taken marijuana. If a doctor finds out that the men or women are smoking marijuana, the doctor will tell the couples trying to have a healthy child that they should not smoke or be in contact with marijuana within 6 months before starting fertility treatment. Women who use marijuana for a long term can reduces the number of embryo that can be transferred and the number of eggs that can be retrieved. Marijuana also gives a distorted sense of time. It causes over than normal cases of depressions. Magical or “random” thinking is normal. Sometimes marijuana users experiences fear, distrust in other people and it increases the smoker’s heart rate. Different types of cancers can be linked to marijuana. Heavy marijuana users are putting themselves at the risk of developing bladder cancer. Also lung and throat cancers have happen.
On a good note, many people that I personally interviewed have said that marijuana is the best thing in the world and believe or not it can help or even save people life. There are many reasons why THC would be a good medicine if you have the right formulations and dosing. You don’t need much THC to get medical benefits, and street marijuana, as well as marijuana sold in stores is just getting better. Marijuana can help lower...


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