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The Risks That Follow The Consumption Of Red Meat

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“Not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct” (D. Leary, 1992) Humans have historically been carnivores, as modeled from the cavemen. However, in today’s world, due to sensitive stomachs, endless health research for the “perfect diet”, and the unrelenting empathy for our four-legged friends, vegetarianism and veganism are becoming much more prevalent. While many critics claim a diet without meat is less nutritionally beneficial than one that includes it, the topic is still wide open for debate. Protein is essential to the human body because of the essential amino acids it provides. Yet, the uncertainty as to whether or not red meat is the best source of protein leaves people tentative. The risks that follow the consumption of red meat may be too dangerous for people to chance. There are numerous influences that affect a person’s choice to eat red meat, but the crucial need for dietary change in our population prompts these questions of food choice to be answered.
There is a never-ending list of health do’s and don’ts that people keep coming up with, whether they are credible or not. It is hard to identify the right exercise program, lotions, drinks, vitamins, or foods for better health inside or out. The correct amount and sources of protein will benefit the body in many aspects. It is the foundation of hair, skin, and muscle. The growth and development of children, the strength of the immune system, muscle growth and repair, glands, and organs are all places that protein largely impacts (Coleman, 2014). Protein plays a big role in the pH balance of your bodily fluids. A drastic change in pH can lead to chronic symptoms and numerous health problems (Boyers, 2014). Protein counteracts acids that can throw your pH balance off. It keeps your pH neutral in your blood, saliva, stomach acids, etc. There is protein in every single cell of the body; it creates the structure of your body. You would not be able to walk, stand, digest, and grow, without the protein present in your bones, tendons, and ligaments (Boyers, 2014). Protein is also very important in transporting other nutrients throughout the body. It carries vitamins and minerals among cells to help with electrolytes. You would not be able to walk, stand, digest, and grow, without the protein present in your bones, tendons, and ligaments (Boyers, 2014).
There are so many questions about protein sources today. How often do you need protein? What is the best protein for bulking up? Which protein builds lean muscle only? Is the meat we are being sold filled with extra chemicals and hormones? All of those questions have so many arguments and counterarguments that it is hard to find an answer. But regardless of the answers, protein is an essential part of human development and sustainment. As was said before, humans are traditionally carnivores, as in consumers of red meat. So is that the way it should be? Is red meat the best source of...

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