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The Risky Experiment Essay

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This is not the typical ghost story. This is a true story.

The first thing you notice about Gage is his evil eye, a pale blue eye. Whenever he stared at me with his devilish eye, my blood run cold. That vulture eye will never leave my head. Gage could hear many things in hell. Screaming and sorrowing every night non-stop, made people think he was crazy. Wrinkles covered his face. His skin was pale like a porcelain doll. Yellow decayed tooth were seen when he smiled menacingly. His back was humped because of carrying the weight of a great enigmatic secret…

Gage, mentally ill, had to undergo a brain surgery as soon as possible. His legs were shaking and so did his hand as he walked towards his visit to Doctor Demian. In the appointment Gage told Demian that he needed a cheap transplant. Therefore Dr. Demian devised a plan he had never tried out before, it was risky. Knowing the risks Gage followed the plan.

The rain trickled slowly down the window like a child’s ...view middle of the document...

The chilling wind banged against the gate. It was time to enter the cemetery, covered with hundreds of graves. The narrow roads were empty. Reading the gravestones he found Brian Moss. He got his spear and started digging at the speed of light. The thunder stroke fiercely. He stole the corpse and carried it all the way back home.

The clock struck twelve, as Gage knocked on Dr. Demian’s door. The gusty winds blew hard smashing everything in its way. Gage stepped inside the aftermath of a tornado. Everything was ready for the surgery. ‘This night of all nights, ’yelled Gage.

Gage and Demian approached the gargantuan stone castle, sat high on the mountain. Two men in arms protected the entrance. They tramped through the long, echoing passage and as they walked up the winding stairs the floor creaked. It was dark as ink. As Demian pushed the wooden door… The door hinges screeched and a huge colony of bats flew out from the door showing their incisors. The surgeon room was ready for the experiment. The only light source was the flames dancing and swirling. In the room there was an antique bed supported by thin rusted iron bars and an electric generator.

Gage laid down on the fluffy bed next to the bloodless corpse. A graveolent rot odor diffused in the air. The thin walls were covered with patterned broken to pieces wallpaper. It was a large room, were you could feel the dark force of something. Perhaps they are spirits. Pictures on walls stared at you menacingly. Demian tied his legs and hands. He got his razor-sharp instrument and barbarically cut through the scalp. Gage screamed louder than a freight train. A red crimson liquid splurted out like a bomb from the head.

Demian removed the viscous pink brain and fed the brain to his monstrous, abnormal creature. In one bite, the amorphous
creature ate the brain. The brain removed from the dead corpse started to pump. In a glimpse of time, the cruel creature ate the brain. This bizarre individual grew bigger and bigger. The evil spirit possessed him. He was like a tornado, destroying everything on his way. Unstoppable, he caused critical damage to the world. As time passed he became older, so he decided to rest in this fortress. Nowadays anyone who dares to enter his home will be eaten diabolically. The Graveyards are cursed, so don’t dare you steal corpses.

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