The Rivalry Between Apple And Windows Computers

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For over the past decade there has been a rivalry between Apple and Windows computers. There are strong arguments to be made by both sides. In this report we analyze the differences between Apple and Windows. The key factors we examined are price, user-friendliness, hardware, customizability, variety, and future outlook of the companies. After analysis we recommend that a college freshman buy an Apple laptop over Windows laptop if they have the available funds.
What College Freshman Need
For most freshmen it’s their first year away from home, family, and security. They are both excited and terrified for the upcoming classes. In today’s world a laptop is a lifesaver. With Microsoft Office, iTunes and the Internet they might just make it through. So which laptop do they choose? Well that depends highly on what they need.
Freshmen need a laptop that is easy to use and will allow them to complete their work. And when the paper is due and it’s 11:58pm they had better have a laptop that is easy to work/maneuver. A lightweight laptop is also a must when darting from classes or just in the small confinements of a dorm room. Ultimately, freshmen need to buy what is best for their individual needs and desires. Jeffrey S. Nevid and Amy Pastva, found a correlation between buyer’s personalities and their choice of brand, in a study they performed (PC vs. Mac). They discovered that college students who chose Mac were more into “style, and were cool, youthful and exciting”. Students who preferred PCs valued “price, and [wanted a computer that was] good for gaming”. So what do college freshman need? It depends largely on who the freshman is.

Price is usually the most important factor for college students when deciding which type of laptop to buy. Figure 1 shows the price ranges for Apple and Windows-based laptops.

Next to price and efficiency, speed, hardware, reliability, variety and customizability are all important factors when freshman purchase their laptops. This information is found by understanding the company they choose to buy from. User-friendliness is significant because easy-to-use devices enable freshman to be successful.
1.1 MAC
Mac has a sleek and simple exterior, but what about the interior? To the everyday consumer Mac is easy to use. With the doc of apps, the help bar and the clear of clutter display, anyone with basic computer knowledge can navigate around a Mac. However, there may be difficulty keeping up with the constant updates. Periodic software updates are offered, and these updates often increase speed and efficiency, but they can be a pain to navigate a familiar app in a new layout.
1.2 Windows PC
Windows are more on the intermediate level of difficulty when it comes to computers. They have a central “Start” bar where all programs can be located. The search bar is also very convenient, making all programs readily available. Windows PC has more applicable programs, which in turn makes it...

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