The River’s Sky's Is Alive Essay

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The River’s Sky's is Alive:

Earlier I said that many beings move among us unseen. I also said that there were signs that everyone missed, my teachers, friends, family, well add myself to the list, because the thing I tell you like all the other things actually happened and yes I missed the meaning of it, I hid and ignored it and forget about it for a long time. I remind you repeatedly at times I didn’t know then what I know now. The following two incidents I’m about to describe occurred about the time when I was desperately searching to construct a method to strike back at the boogieman. Believe me, the civilizations of earth are no match for what I encountered and the things I myself must do to persevere against such an uncommon adversary as secondMan. When I say I have no fear of normal things. It is these abnormal things that are causing all my heart fluctuations. Such as the sky reacting almost human like to my thoughts!

Ok here goes; One day as I’m driving home from work I was thinking of a certain very private thought. The sky reacted to my thoughts by turning very black and became quite animated. The clouds morphed into infamous cumulus types or which much of the cloud exterior fluctuated rapidly. Not realizing it was my own thoughts that caused all this, I kept thinking until the edges started to descend rapidly so as to encompass the entire area where I was. It got so dark in seconds I got so scared. My thoughts automatically changed. I ceased my private thoughts. It was this event, not the boogieman would actually be one of the scariest things I had witnessed. Think about what I just told you. Put yourself in my shoes, you’re a normal person right? The sky gets very angry with you and you know it. Wait a minute the sky? You must think I’m perhaps being symbolic. No I mean just what I said, the sky. I must remind you that I have abilities that permit me to feel or sense things, the movement of matter, people, boogieman, water, and now an angry sky. Yes, the sky did turn black in mid-day just in that small area covering about one or two miles or so. What made it worse, this mass of black clouds threatened to start lowering themselves down coming close to the ground. And I knew it was because of me and I was so chicken I was scared to death. That fear I experienced that day was different than the fright generated by the boogieman intruder. This cloud sky thing I sensed was angry. It was not the boogieman; it was not the empire in the sky either, what was this? And now the new and perhaps kindler more powerful boogieman, what was that all about? There’s more. Again, I do not wish to scare you but I tell you theses things somewhat in chronological order so that you will both be aware of and more importantly understand how I must have felt at the time. And when I told you before there were hundreds of strange things happening on a regular basis I meant just that.

For the most part things happen over an extended period of time....

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