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The Rivers Of Red River Run Red With The Blood Of Thomas Scott! Opinioned Essay On The Red River Rebellion And The Execution Of Thomas Scott: Canadian History

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Just yesterday a worthy man was viciously murdered by filthy half breeds on the account of treason. I ask you how this is possible when this loyal servant of the Queen was trying diligently to protect the rights of other loyal citizens. He was fighting against the false and unjust government wrongly set up to rebel against the true government and our noble Queen. It is indeed a sad day when the half breeds, the Métis murder one of our comrades Thomas Scott.In the Red River Settlement things are a mess, after the mad man Louis Riel formed the National Committee of the Métis. The National Committee of the Métis heard that the Prime Minister John A. Mc Donald appointed a worthy lieutenant-governor William Mc Dougall for the North West Territories which was sold to them by the Hudson Bay Company who previously owned it. Mc Dougall was driven away by these ruffians and hooligans.Then these foolish crazy men take over our Fort Gary, from there they had access to large supplies of food and ammunition, then they proceeded with their infernal plan and started to control the colony. Before the Canadian Government could take over the Métis set up their own government to replace the Hudson Bay Company rule, the Métis called it the Provisional Government.The insolent, audacious, impudent and disrespectful dogs boldly sent a bogus Bill of Rights to Ottawa with their outrageous demands. Some brave souls from originally Ontario tried to protest against this unfair government and ended up getting rudely thrown on jail. They called themselves The Canadians, they rightly believed that English Protestants should control the North West and our courageous Thomas Scott was one of them.A man with such a strong will does not deserve to be kept in jail, in his anger he threatens to kill Riel which many of us would love to do and strikes his guards and we can only hope that he injured them dearly. Scott called the Métis a pack...

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