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The Road Less Traveled Essay

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On the road again, I can't wait to get on the road again. The words of Donkey, from Shrek, seem to sum up Chris mccandless very well. He was a wondering soul, whose drive for adventure eventually lead to his death. He spent a majority of his short adult life tramping around the country and even parts of Mexico and canada. IT is well known that the straw that broke Chris’s back was finding out about his father's actions during the early part of his marriage to Chris’s mother.The real question is not what his breaking point was,but it is why he went on his journey in the first place? What did he hope to find when he stuck out his thumb and hit the road? In the end only him and god will know ...view middle of the document...

Chris’s Life was strange and crazy, his life was cray cray, this could be because he was a little mental himself. In Matthew Power’s article he quotes Medred, the outdoors columnist for the 'Anchorage Daily News’. Reflection in his quote he summarizes that most alaskans agree with this theory. Chris did seems to show some signs of schizophrenia, but I believe that this theory on why Chris went on his journey is wrong. I believe that he may be bipolar. His split second decision making and sudden changes of mood fit better that a split personality disorder. In fact in Medred's own article “ Into The Wild: The False Being Within,” He Briefly touches on this point, “ (That )Almost every psychiatrist, psychologist or mental-health professional I’ve talked to about “Into the Wild” over the years has noted — at least among those who’ve read the book — that schizophrenia or bipolar disorder was one of the first things that popped into their thoughts” I am on the side of the other psychologist, that Chris was bipolar. In both causes living out in the wilderness instead of living with people would have made his mental illness easier to handle. The lack of outside input would calm him down. He could just worry about himself and how he was going to get through each day and where he needed to be. Leaving would have made his life easier and if this wasn’t the cause of him leaving then it definitely was a variable.
Hakuna matata, means no worries. The ultimate dream is to be your own person, to live life without any worries. Chris mccandless lived that dream. He set out after college to live life on his own and be his own man. To do this he set out to tramp around America and eventually end up in alaska, living a life where the only worry or care was where you were going to be tomorrow. Park Ranger Peter Christian holds this same ideal,“We were both the same age and had similar idea in mind: to live a free life in the alaska wild.” He goes on to say, “ Alaska is populated with people who are either running away from something or seeking themselves in america’s last frontier.” Chris...

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A Road Less Traveled Essay

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