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The Road Not Taken Essay

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Hope is the sum of the mental willpower and waypower that you have for your goals. It is a motivational force comparable to human perseverance that has influenced the human race greatly. Nevertheless, how is hope portrayed in literature, specifically poems? “Hope” is the thing with feathers by Emily Dickinson portrays hope as the singing of a bird. The poem claims that hope lives in the soul and that hope is the best in the hardest times of life. It implies that hope is very hard to kill or get rid of and it shows that hope is eternal and it is everywhere. In the last line, it states that hope is beneficial and requires nothing. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost is a poem that talks about Frost’s choices in life. The entire poem is a metaphor that takes place in a yellow forest with a road diverging into two paths, choices in life. Frost has a hard time choosing between the paths. Frost wants to take the better path but he is unsure of which is better and randomly chooses one. In the end, years later, Frost says the path he took was the one less traveled, the dangerous and adventurous one. The Poems: “Hope” is the thing with feathers and The Road Not Taken both convey hope and human perseverance differently. The first is more hopeful and conveys human perseverance and the second is less hopeful and does not convey human perseverance as well. Dickinson’s poem shows and describes hope while Frost’s poem does not show human perseverance or hope.

“Hope” is the thing with feathers claims and conveys that hope and human perseverance are real and good. The title ““Hope” is the thing with feathers” (Dickinson, l. 0) shows that in the poem, hope is real. Dickinson writes in her poem that hope exists because things with feathers also exist. Another phrase in the poem, “And sweetest—in the Gale—is heard—” (Dickinson, l. 5) signifies that hope is real. This line is a metaphor. The “Gale”, a strong wind represents hardship in life. The line means that hope is best in the hardest times in life. It shows that hope is real and that it is good, it brings happiness in life. Furthermore, the line shows that there are hardships in life and with hope, which will make people persevere, life can get better. The last two lines: “Yet never, in Extremity, It asked a crumb— of Me.” (Dickinson, l. 12) shows that hope is real and good. This line states that even in the most extreme situations, hope never requires anything. Hope is purely beneficial. The next poem is less hopeful and does not convey human perseverance.

In the poem The Road Not Taken the author, Robert Frost had to make a decision to take one of two paths. In the end of the poem, years later, Frost says that he took the less traveled path. However, in the poem The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost did not take the road less traveled by; as a result, the poem does not show human perseverance. The first line in the second stanza: “Then took the other just as fair” (Frost 1. 6)...

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