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While the Internet is an amazing invention, it has created a society where we take the easier path in most situations. The instant gratification the Internet provides has led to more people believing the world owes them something even when they haven’t faced adversity. Less people see the true rewards that the more strenuous path can yield. The more difficult path can be the better path to take because you can gain respect from others for choosing it and feel a more genuine sense of accomplishment.
In my freshman year of high school, the jazz ensemble I was in was given a song to learn entitled “A Lil Wes.” The whole band learned the song in class, but only up to the point of the guitar solo. Mr. Mundy, our jazz instructor, told the five guitar players (including me) in our class that learning the solo in the song note-for-note was optional, but highly recommended if we wanted to improve our skill and learn a completely new way to play guitar. This was enough motivation for me to have the guitar solo learned in time for our next class, despite the fact that I had exams to worry about as well. After studying, I would spend two to three hours every night attempting to play the guitar solo, going over each segment of it until I was comfortable enough to move on to a new segment. By the time my next class arrived a week later, I had listened to “A Lil Wes” enough times to be able to play the whole song without having to look at the sheet music. It turned out that I was the only guitarist in my class that had taken the time to learn the guitar solo. Not only did Mr. Mundy show me respect for going out of my way to learn the solo, but I also attained new skills and playing styles just from not giving up and choosing the easy way out.
A more recent example is the reason why I’m...

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