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The Road To Hell Essay

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What, in your opinion, did Baker hope to accomplish as a result of his conversation with Rennalls? Did he succeed? Why or why not?
From my opinion, Baker not succeeds in his conversation with Rennalls. He wants to gives an advice and make Rennalls realize that he been racist with the Europeans. Baker tries to make it out in open so that the issues could be discussed and can be deal before Rennalls take his place as the Chief engineer for the company. This is because the role of the job will require a person who can give equitable and amicable treatment of subordinates from races other than his or her own. However, Rennalls still denying the fact that his resentment towards other ...view middle of the document...

After that Bakers saw Rennalls stiffen in his chair when Baker told that Baker want to share his benefit of his long experience. Rennals also nodded to show his agreement. Even when Rennalls don’t give any feedback or comment, Baker took that as a sign to him to continue the conversation. Rennalls offered a smile of thanks when Bakers tell he was impressed with Rennalls work. But when Baker mentioned that he noticed Rennalls are friendlier and get on better with Barracanians than with Europeans and also get the complaint about it, Rennals sat tensed in his chairs and it was a second before he answering the issue. The end of the interview Rennalls smiled back to Baker but Baker noticed that it full with a sign of stubborn resistance. On the next morning his secretary walks in into his office with a “worried frown on her face”. From her face showing that something bad happens. Rennalls was so worked up that he couldn’t sit still and kept pacing about the room. He also just sign the letter without read it and it shows that he really want to resign as soon as possible.

3. What could Baker and Rennalls have done to improve the situation described in this case?
Baker could have tried to be more objective in order to face the problem and situation .Rennalls was the person who is give impressive performance in his work and also already become the favorite of the company. The fact that he was racist with the Europeans is only a minor problem compared to the knowledge, talent that he have and also the benefits the company can get from him. Baker try to give some advises to...

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