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The Road To My New Life

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When I was a very shy, close minded little girl I got the biggest news of my life. My life was going to change instantly and it hit me like the hurricane hit Japan, unexpectedly. This meant leaving my loved ones, people who had always been there as if I were their own daughter. The time came when I had to leave; it was the saddest moment I ever encountered. Watching tears rolling down my grandparents face as they waved with a big smile on their face trying to show me it was okay. That was the moment I realized that it was as real as it could get.
As I took my first steps in a new country, I saw people who had different characteristics as me. They had blonde hair with eyes like a crystal light which were blue and tall like the goliath walking around me. I couldn’t keep my eyes of off them. I walked out of the airport and tall, colorful and yellow taxis everywhere were the first things that caught my eye. It was the first time I saw a place like this, reminded me of a Utopia I read in class.
There were two people from the place we came, reminded me of home. They were our guiders to take us to the place we were going to call home for years. We drove and we passed unknown restaurants, beautiful parks and other cars I have never seen before. I felt as if we were on a race car, fast and straight with no stops. Suddenly we passed the tall buildings and came upon the barren road with nothing around it but dirt, bushes and this plain look for miles and miles.
I sat on the very back of the minivan which was also next to a friend that I would share memories with. Thoughts came to mind as I could hear the silence sound of the wind. I couldn’t take out that image of my grandparents being strong as they could as we departure from them. The thought of them being like that made me feel upset as if a little kid were to lose its candy. I couldn’t keep myself from crying, without realizing it, I had tears coming down my face and I heard myself cry out a sob.
Suddenly it all went pitch black as I fell asleep within seconds. It had seemed that time barely went as time it is to God. I opened my eyes as if the sun was out on a cold dark night. I felt the arms of my father as he carried me into an unknown bed. I closed my eyes and resumed to sleep. I woke up and I felt lost, I felt that I was in a maze but couldn’t find the way out. Everything was different, my bed, the walls, the room…it wasn’t mine.
I stood up in an instant, the floor was cold, the room was breezy and still it was different. I walked around trying to figure things out. I was as lost as Alice from the movie Alice in Wonderland. I knew this was going to be the beginning of a new life for...

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