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The Road To Success Essay

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In Kenya during the 1950s, the African population was seeking equality and eventual independence from the British. In doing so the Africans tried to gain land from the British and Europeans by getting a good education. Since the British did not like the idea of Africans being on the same social class as them, they stood in the way of them trying to gain land and education which would then make the Africans successful. This caused Africans to form protest groups such as the Mau Mau to let the British know that they wanted their freedom. In Weep Not, Child, one sees the idea of a young African boy trying to get a good education so he will soon come in to contact with land and help his family move higher in the social class. Like the other Africans who tried to do this, the Europeans stood in his way so he could not achieve his goal. To gain wealth in Kenya, Land and education were key factors in the process; however one realizes that Europeans stand in the way of Africans reaching the same level of success as they worked for in life.
In Kenya, Education was one of the ways the Africans could achieve their goal of land. When land was then available to them, it would result in wealth. Njoroge, one of the main charters in Weep Not, Child, was a young boy who starts to go to school at a young age. He know that his willingness to get an education will help him and his family become one of the richer African families in Kenya. Njoroge “thought that schooling was the very best that a boy could have. It was the end of all living.” Njoroge thought this because he knew that education would lead to land and everyone wanted land in Kenya. In the book, Njoroge thought of himself as the savior of the land because he would soon have an education and help all the Africans in Kenya. Njoroge’s brother Kamau tells him, “Your learning is for all of us. Father says the same thing. He is anxious that you go on, so you might bring light to our home. Education is the light of Kenya." This passage shows that his learning was essential to his family and to his whole country. His education could “lead to recovery of lost lands” according to his father. His family believed in him to come home with an education and help them recover land with his knowledge. They knew that a piece of education could do so much for the entire family. Before his brother told him what they expected from him, Mwihaki, daughter of the wealthy black man Jacobo, shares with Njoroge what she has heard he father say. She tells him, “if people have had education, the white man would not have taken all the land." This quotation from the novel shows that if the Africans would have had education all a long they would not be trying to get their land back from the Europeans now. Njoroge was very young at the time but "he knew that for him education would be the fulfilment of a wider and more significant vision a version that embraced the demand made on him, not only by his father, but also by his...

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