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The Road To Success Is Paved With Anxiety

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“There is no such thing as pure pleasure; some anxiety always goes with it” teaches Ovid. ( Andy 24) This means that one cannot achieve pleasure easily; he needs anxiety to push himself to the limits and overcome fear. Collier, a freelance writer with more than six hundred articles to his credit, published an article, “Anxiety: Challenge by Another Name “. He uses his personal experience and proves that we can overcome anxiety.
In the article "Anxiety: Challenge by Another Name," Collier explains that anxiety is a very common part in our life and overcoming it instead of backing away is the only way we grow. Collier uses personal experiences, and shows his audience how he faced his anxiety which taught him lessons for the future .He was given a chance to travel with his roommate to Argentina, to work on a ranch. Collier had turned down the offer, since he already had made plans to teach his brother to sail. Turning down this opportunity, Collier learned a valuable lesson and developed a rule for himself: “do what makes you anxious; don’t do what makes you depressed”. ( Collier 95)
When Collier was at graduate school, he began writing magazines articles and interviewing big names. Before each interview, he would get butterflies and his hands would start shaking (Collier 95). At one time, Collier had an interview with a musician that he admired, Duke Ellington. During the interview, Collier had found out that Duke still has stage fright even though he has been performing for more than thirty years .He had benefited and discovered from a process psychologist call “ extinction “. (Collier 97) This brought up his second rule: “you’ll never eliminate anxiety by avoiding the things that cause it”. (Collier 97)
Throughout his life, Collier was offered a writing assignment that would require him to travel three months to Europe. He was unable to speak French, but it didn’t stop him and he had accepted the job. This brought up his third rule: “you can’t learn if you don’t try “. ( Collier 97) He concludes “the point is that the new, the different, is almost by definition scary. But each time you try something, you learn, and as the learning piles up, the world opens to you”. ( Collier 97)
Everyone faces anxiety on a daily basis. I have faced many anxious situations and will face many more to come. One instance is during my senior year, I became the most popular teenager at my high school. The clique I joined was the most daring, respected group at school. Basically we were the most popular. After midterms, a new student showed up and was known to be very talented. Thoughts started bouncing in my head, “What if the new kid will replace me?” The days went on and the new kid grew more popular. It happened that after school I was watching videos on YouTube and one video gave me an idea. I was sure that if I attempted this daring stunt that I will earn back my popularity.
After the whole school was back from winter vacation, it was time to earn back...

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